Kate Beckinsale's Cat Clive is the Cutest Sidekick Ever

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What better way to celebrate Christmas than throw on a pair of boots and dance around the house with your furry friend - and Kate Beckinsale sure knows how to party alone!

The Underworld actress loves having fun with her house cats, from playing dress-up to putting up Christmas decorations and dancing around her house. We know Kate's 5.1 million Instagram followers are having the time of their lives catching up with her holiday tricks.

A Merry Christmas

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'Tis the season of joy for Kate Beckinsale, as we've seen on her Instagram feed in the days leading up to this animated video of her in a black latex fit.

The actress was spotted at a roadside store looking through a stunning rack of underwear in black leggings, platform boots to match, and a brown jacket with fur details. We cannot forget her ultimate accessory, a transparent stroller with Clive in it.

She snuck in for a quick pose by the fireplace with Clive dressed as Santa in another post where Kate served us casual realness in this video by pairing her joggers with black lace-up boots and a white T-shirt.


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Code Black

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Kate Beckinsale gives Christmas a whole new definition with her goofy Instagram videos. The fashionista paired her black latex pants with a matching bandeau top in this post. She showed off her hot mid-section, AKA abs, and we couldn't be more jealous.

The 48-year-old actress is aging backward while staying fashion-forward. She paired the black-on-black ensemble with black platform boots. The 5 inches now sold-out Christian Louboutin heels featured a black suede body and thick platform soles. Beckinsale is no stranger to the world of platform heels. She wore the same pair of boots with her cat Clive in a short Instagram video earlier in the month.

Many celebrities have also caught the platform heels frenzy in recent weeks - Hillary duff and Chrissy Teigen were spotted wearing them around town.

Clive The Perfect Sidekick

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There's nothing more joyful than shenanigans with your favorite pet. Clive proved to be quite the sidekick in this video and stayed in character as Kate strutted her stuff on a makeshift runway in her corridor. The cat dressed in an orange sweater (the contrast we didn't know we needed) against Kate's all-black fit sat in her arms during the mini fashion parade. Unlike the cat mom, Clive kept it simple by toning down on all other accessories. After careful consideration, we rate Clive a solid A for being a good friend.

Back To Work

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In the second slide, Kate seems to have gotten over the Christmas frenzy as she cozied up with Clive on a fur carpet. She adorns her feet in fur slides with a bold inscription which we'd like to interpret as her asking to be left alone.

Clive, dressed in hues of pink, struck a not-so-friendly pose for the camera. Bringing the ecstatic moment to a crescendo. We know for sure that we cannot wait for another goofy Christmas with Kate and Clive.