Olivia Wilde Is Still Sexy at 37!

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We all know Olivia Wilde is no stranger to wearing risqué outfits and snapping daring pictures, but this True Botanicals promotional shoot takes explicit to a whole new level. The 37-year-old actress who's been making headlines for her relationship with ex-boy-band sensation Harry Styles once again broke the internet with her exquisite figure. In October, she shared a post with her 4 million followers on Instagram promoting self-love.

True Botanicals Campaign

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"Feel Yourself." That's the simple message from Wilde's campaign post as she puts the "E" in "Explicit" and "R" in "Risqué." In the four-slide post, the House actress shares different angles of her beautiful body. Wilde isn't playing in these shots from bare tops to a soapy lower body, toned back action, and wet upper body tease.

Let's get into the pictures starting with the cover photo. Wilde poses topless, covering her chest with black blots to respect Instagram's privacy policy. She places her hands on her head to give a full display of her bare chest as she dons a simple sunset hue sunshade. Her hair stays tousled with a playful fringe for a youthful glow as Olivia smirks at the camera.

Soapy Wet Butt

Slide two takes us deeper down the explicit rabbit hole as Wilde pots a candid shot of her perfectly rounded bum. She ups the ante by soaping her body with the True Botanicals skincare set, and we know this because three bottles feature in her post. Wilde turns her back to the camera, but you can tell she's the one from her curvy hips and the fact that she posted other pictures of herself in the slide. It doesn't matter that she cut out her entire upper body from the post because the snippet we get has the same effect she intended.

Toned At 37

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Not many people can boast of a sexy body at 37, but Olivia Wilde isn't everybody. She graces slide three with her toned thighs and back as she poses before a wall-length glass window. The Don't Worry Darling director wears sheer high-waist panties and knee-high socks of the same material.

The buttercream-colored combo hints at her naked body as she raises her hands once again for a clear view of her toned back. Upon closer inspection, this shot seems like a different angle from the first picture because she has her hand in the same position as the cover shot. Also, we can see a hint of her wavy tousled hair even though she cuts the picture at her shoulder.

Sheer Wet Top

The last and definitely not the least features Olivia in a white round neck t-shirt she makes sheer with water. You can see her chest pushing through as she hugs a serum bottle close to her heart. Her clean slender fingers take center stage as they glow under the camera light.

Did somebody say sizzling hot? Because that's what Olivia Wilde delivered in this three-month-old campaign.