Kendall Jenner’s Enviable Figure Stuns In SKIMS Valentine’s Collection

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Kendall Jenner and ”slay” are Siamese twins at this point. The 26-year-old supermodel has shown time and time again that the world is her runway and everyone else is just chilling on the mat. With an arsenal of 207 million Instagram followers and a breathtaking profile, we have the perfect glimpse into Kendall’s world.

Rated A For Abs

Jenner is no stranger to the camera. With numerous collaborations and magazine cover photos under her radar, Kendall has shown her experience, versatility, and professionalism, each photo better than the last and leaving our jaws on the floor.

Aside from her incredible work ethic, we are giving a massive shout out to Jenner’s perfectly sculpted body. The Victoria secret model has one of the most stunning figures on the planet, from her toned legs to her raging abs and slender arms, it is obvious that Kendall has been putting in some extra gym time. Her body has earned her the “unreal” title and we can’t agree more.

Posing For SKIMS

Kendall Jenner teamed up with older sister and fashion mogul Kim Kardashian on a shoot for her underwear line “SKIMS” valentine’s collection. On her Instagram, she captioned the post “vday is coming, BTS from @skims”.

The beauty posed in a barely there red two piece and showed us that she is as flexible as they come as she maintained a squatting yoga position in the video while staring fiercely into the camera and a soft opera tune plays in the background.

In the second slide, Kendall gives a full-frontal view of her hourglass figure, daddy’s long legs and a tightly synched waist. She posed up for a quick mirror selfie with her two-toned black and brown hair swept off her face and a pink background providing the perfect contrast.

The 5’11 model strikes a more relaxed pose in the third slide by standing sideways in gorgeous transparent mules, tilting her head to the left and resting her hands on her hipbone. She flaunts her toned thighs and glutes muscles, and we are in awe. Kendall gives a major side eye in the final slide and shows that she is really a master at serving faces. Her fresh glowing skin, minimal make up and ox blood painted toenails bring this look all together. It is a season of love, and we are in love with this supermodel.

A Business Mogul

There are no impossibilities in Kendall’s books, the beauty excels in other areas of life just as she does with modelling. In May, the reality TV star announced the launch of her liquor brand the “818 tequila” and embarked on a promotional tour in LA with her sisters and showbiz friends, in Vegas with Justin and Hailey Bieber. The tour heralded the healthy success of the brand, and it didn’t fail.

Upon its release, the 818 sold out of stock within four hours and attracted order from over 80 countries, this went on for days and months. Kendall Jenner became an instant tequila mogul.

Taking Over The World

Kendall Jenner has the world under her feet and has proven that beyond a pretty face and flawless body, she also has what it takes to run a thriving business. we are beyond convinced that the sky is the limit for the model cum mogul.