Rebel Wilson Highlights Weight Loss In Sporty Swimsuit

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Rebecca Cukier

Rebel Wilson is kissing 2021 goodbye in a sporty swimsuit and throwing out double-post action while highlighting her weight loss. The 41-year-old actress made headlines galore this year for maintaining her 2020 weight loss and being 77 pounds lighter - she's also been showing off her slimmed-down waist on Instagram.

Rebel's latest posts came with plenty of gratitude and a giant reminder that her 2020 "year of health" wasn't a short-term deal. In fact, the blonde is slimmer than ever. Check it out below.

Stuns In Swimsuit

Scroll for both photos. While one showed the Olly wellness partner enjoying Fiji's oceans in an orange one-piece - the beachy shot has gained over 200,000 likes - the other came with her in a bold red one. Wilson was seen solo in the first image, one showing her smiling and backed by lapping waters as she rocked the black-accent swimsuit and looked at peace.

"I'm blushing," the Pooch Perfect star wrote, with Paris Hilton quickly replying: "That's hot" with a fire emoji.

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Next up came Rebel amid driftwood and rocking a more revealing and red swimsuit worn a little unzipped. Rebel told fans:

"Peace out for 2021. What a year! It started in LA with POOCH PERFECT for ABC - bringing me back to my roots of growing up in a dog showing family and selling dog products out of a yellow caravan at dog shows." The star's series is a clever pun on her role in the movie Pitch Perfect, co-starring Anna Kendrick.

Letting The Photos Speak For Themselves

Wilson largely focused on her career in a lengthy caption - while prior posts have seen her go in-depth about dropping 77 pounds, this one let the photos do the talking.

"You know how I’ve been theming my years for the past few years? Well this year was the The Year of The Rainbow 🌈… after the storm always comes the rainbow," she closed. As to dropping all that weight, Rebel opened up in late 2021 to address maintaining her loss.

Changing Lifestyle Habits

Speaking on The Today Show in November, Rebel addressed maintaining her loss, stating:

"It is weird, because I haven't been trying to, it's just that the lifestyle habits that I did last year have kind of become ingrained," also adding: "So it's good. I think I'm a little bit shocked, because I was worried. I think everybody who's struggled with their weight has at times (felt like that) ... I've managed to maintain that for almost a year. It's just all those lifestyle habits changing."