HoYeon Jung Impresses In Baby-Doll Minidress

Rebecca Cukier

Squid Game star HoYeon Jung has dropped another flawless look - of course, with a big shout-out to the Louis Vuitton brand she now fronts. The Netflix sensation and former catwalk queen made headlines earlier this year as she was unveiled as the designer's new global brand ambassador - unsurprisingly, her Instagram is jam-packed with stunning Louis Vuitton outfits, and they didn't fall short in her latest share.

Posting a massive gallery this month, Jung went maxi, mini, crop top, and everything in between. Check out the looks, plus her baby doll one below.

Showing Off Baby Doll Look

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Scroll for the photos, ones shared with Jung's 23.8 million followers - the Seoul native made headlines this year for gaining a staggering 15 million fans in just three weeks.

HoYeon's gallery included her posing in a beaded and embellished sleeveless jacket, a monogrammed one paired with jeans, plus a stunning and thigh-skimming babydoll dress. Here, fans saw Jung makeup-free and in the cutest, pouffey, and A-line mini - a balconette neckline went girly, with puffy sleeve details doing the same.

See The Photos Below

The Calvin Klein face, now also repping the American fashion giant, highlighted her endlessly-long legs in the innocent snap, one sandwiching other looks including her plunging Louis Vuitton maxi dress (donned for this year's LACMA Gala), plus itty-bitty crop top ones showcasing her taut abs.

Over 5 million likes have been left - Jung didn't even need to tag LV, but the Kardashian-adored label is likely laughing all the way to the bank. Jung's pay for her ambassador status has not been disclosed. Swipe for the dress below, scroll for more.

From Modeling To Acting

The magazines are now waiting in line to profile Jung - Teen Vogue got lucky this year as it interviewed the star, asking her about her transition from modeling to acting.

"I used to hear people say that models have very short careers, which I don't really agree with... I think that even when you grow old, you can still continue modeling if you have that willingness," she said, adding: "But I think I kind of put a lot of thought into other options as my modeling career was slowly declining."

Worried About Having No Job

Things have definitely changed for 2021's biggest Netflix superstar, who continued:

"I started to worry about what I should do when I had no job at all. I started to think about my next steps and that's when I figured maybe it could be a good idea to start acting."

HoYeon is now reported to be worth $4 million - this may or may not include her lucrative brand deals. Her Instagram, meanwhile, is followed by celebrities including models Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, plus singer Demi Lovato.