Will Alexandra Daddario Play Zatanna In Upcoming DC Movie?

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Alexandra Daddario's stunning eyes make her a shoo-in to play DC superhero magician Zatanna.

The gorgeous actress, who recently received major praise for her role in The White Lotus, has long been a fan favorite to play a superhero character.

Now that a live-action Zatanna movie is in the works, fans want to know -- Will Alexandra Daddario be playing Zatanna?

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Who Is Zatanna?

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First appearing in DC's Hawkman comics back in 1964, Zatanna Zatara is a magician who has superhero abilities. Aside from her powerful magical skills, she is also known for her dazzling blue eyes and curvy body.

After her first introduction, she also made appearances in Batman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. The sexy DC character also found her way to TV in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series and CW's Smallville.

Zatanna Live-Action Movie Coming Soon

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This year, news came out that a live-action Zatanna movie is finally happening.

According to reports, Emerald Fennel of Promising Young Woman is set to write the film, which will be produced by DC films and J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Production.

If the project continues, it will be the first time Zatanna will be seen in the movie screens. There are no news yet on when the movie will start filming, or who will be included in the cast. But, fans are hoping Daddario will get the lead role.

Alexandra Daddario As Zatanna

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Alexandra has long been a fan favorite to play the magical DCEU character.

Digital artist Mizuri showcased what the actress would look like in Zatanna's signature top hat and magician suit.

After news broke out that a movie was in the works, many other DC fans have been campaigning for Daddario to be cast in the role, with some pointing out that she was "born for the role".

However, Alexandra is not the only popular pick. Some of the other big names fans want for the role include Ana De Armas, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Eiza Gonzales.

Alexandra's Reaction

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How does Alexandra feel about fans pushing her to play a superhero? Apparently, she has heard about the fan-casting but she doesn't really think about it too much.

"I have heard that. I don't really pay a ton of attention to it," Alexandra shared in an interview at The Playlist Podcast.

"I think it's incredibly cool that people know me and that I'm in a point in my career where people want me to be in things and that's great. That makes me happy."