Machine Gun Kelly Talks About Mental Health And Struggles Of Celebrity Life

Sarah Haider

Machine Gun Kelly recently opened up about his stress, anxiety, and the struggles that he has to face as a celebrity.

In a recent interview with Drew Barrymore, the 31-year-old star said that projecting a happy persona on camera all the time is a difficult task, especially if he is experiencing some personal troubles.

The actor said that faking a smile when things are not so rosy takes a toll on his mental health. Continue reading to know more about MGK's struggles.

Sick Of Smiling


Opening up about the struggles of being in the public eye all the time, Machine Gun Kelly said that forcing a smile in front of the camera makes him feel vulnerable.

"I think I'm new to being vulnerable outside of songs. I see a lot of pictures of me and there's like, smiles on them. It's just weird though because I didn't feel good at all that day and I kind of am sick of smiling on days when I don't feel like smiling," the singer told Drew Barrymore, per PEOPLE.

MGK also said that sometimes he is compelled to flash a smile so that fans don't think he is taking things for granted, for example, while receiving an award. The rapper added that at times, he had to be "super smiley but behind the scenes, there was stuff going on."

This type of situation, according to MGK, puts pressure on him and affects his mental health.


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Ok To Not Be Ok

The "Let You Go" hitmaker not only opened up about his mental health but also said that instead of focusing on his struggles, he always has to put others first.

The singer also admitted that he needs to go easy on himself and accept the fact that mental health issues are part of life and should be accepted.

"A lot of what I do is for other people and I haven't given myself the time to just accept that it's OK to not be OK," he told Barrymore, per PEOPLE.

In response, Barrymore told the singer that she "likes him so much more" after knowing his views.

Struggles Of Growing UP

This wasn't the first time that MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, opened up about his mental health.

Last year, he told Interview magazine that he grew up with a strict and religious father who did not give him a lot of freedom to express himself. "[My father] wouldn’t even let me hold my pen the way I wanted to hold my pen," he said.

The singer added that despite having gone through a tough childhood, he doesn't do the same to his 12-year-old daughter, Casie.

Seeking Therapy

Machine Gun Kelly | Instagram

Last year, Machine Gun Kelly also revealed that he was undergoing therapy sessions to deal with stress and anxiety, but admitted that the process was not easy as things were not changing for him overnight.

Speaking to Interview magazine, he said: "I’m early in the process. The tools that I’ve been given to start with seem helpful, I think. I’m still kind of ripping my hair out. Why am I not changing overnight? How am I supposed to meditate for 10 minutes when I can’t even sit in my own brain for two minutes without distracting myself by doing something? That’s really hard."

However, MGK added that his commitment to seeking happiness and changing his life serves as a source of inspiration for him.

"The willingness to finally be happy with my own self has invited a much more vibrant energy around us than before," he had told the magazine.