Kate Beckinsale Enjoys The Holidays With Her Family

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We’re two weeks shy from Christmas, but Kate Beckinsale isn’t waiting to get in the Holiday Spirit. The Underworld actress has been in notably high spirits since she surprised her parents with a visit last month. Before the reunion, they hadn’t since each other physically for two years, so it was an emotional moment.

Beckinsale has since shared intimate family moments with her 5.1 million Instagram followers. These videos give us an insight into the child-like part of the mother of one, from bouncing on her friend’s laps to stretching out on her father’s.

Friends Bonding

We could tell Kate Beckinsale’s mum had spunk from the surprise visit day. She captioned her surprise video saying, “My mum thought my stepdad was being mugged and thankfully did not seize a poker and strike me.”

On Saturday, Dec. 4, the 47-year-old actress shared another video (which now has more than one million views) of herself bouncing on her friend's laps. The duo then burst into fits of laughter as the friend jokingly asks, “Stop it, what are you doing to me? Get away….” Kate then says the “upper ‘3 L’ is thriving.”

Father-Daughter Time

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Although Kate Beckinsale’s biological father died in 1979, it appears the actress hasn’t felt the presence of a missing parent. Her relationship with her step-father Roy Battersby rivals that of some biological, familial relationships. Unless you go looking, you wouldn’t know they aren’t blood-related.

When Kate isn’t catching up on TV shows with Battersby, she’s stressing him out playing dress-up. The actress wore modeled her 1982 Carmen Miranda costume hoping to get a positive reaction, but step-daddy wasn’t in feeling big Carmen. Beckinsale wrote, “Roy weirdly unexcited about my Carmen Miranda costume from 1981 still sort of fitting.”

'Mother-Son' Games

Kate sparks curious fans’ interests with the video of herself playing Charades with a young boy. One @michibliblablub asks, “Is this your son?” and the mom of one jokingly replies with, “Yes, one of seven secret sons I have secretly.”

The 47-year-old British actress asked if the young chap cheated or conned his way to winning the Charades. Anyways, no worries because she got him back by nicking his umbrella.

Mother-Daughter Tea Time Joke

Kate and Judy Loe (her mom) are making tea in a cozy kitchen moment when the Pearl Harbor actress makes a cheesy joke. She askes her mom, “Did you hear about the actress that got stabbed Reese?” To which Loe replies, “Reese Who? Witherspoon?”

Then comes the punchline, “No ‘With a Knife’.” Judy laughs aloud, proclaiming she walked right into that joke while hitting Kate with a tea towel. “Hit Jude with a dad joke – she hit me with a tea towel. It must be Xmas,” she quips.

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