What's Machine Gun Kelly's UN/DN LAQR Brand?


Rebecca Cukier

Machine Gun Kelly is joining the list of celebrities with their own brands. The "RAP DEVIL" star and boyfriend to actress Megan Fox is fresh from the launch of his UN/DN LAQR brand, with social media photos showing him and Transformers star Megan Fox celebrating the big go-ahead.

MGK, born Colson Baker, is now in the nail polish business. UN/DN LAQR brings loud and graphic bottles, a wide array of shades, plus edgy monochrome packaging with splashes of color. Check it out below.

Getting In On The Beauty Bizz


Scroll for photos. MGK wouldn't be the first to launch a nail polish line - former One Direction star Harry Styles has one, too. His brand offers box sets as well as individual polishes - "DON'T HUFF THE PAINT" is the slogan, with the very snazzy website featuring liquid pouring, latex, plus impeccable branding for the line designed for introverts.

"When I do my nails, that's me wearing my own thoughts and making a statement," MGK states. "To me, polish is not just a color, it's an intention. Every color has a purpose."

See The Launch Party Below

Shades include Depressionist, Mary Jane, plus Party Favor - the latter is already sold out. Individual polishes retail for $18 and sets cost $52. Brittney Boyce, Baker's professional nail glammer, said:

"Green is having a moment right now, and this polish in particular allows for so much creativity with the nail look, from a full color nail to a twist on a classic French manicure. However, I truly love all of the shades launched within the UN/DN range β€” with such a large variety, the possibilities for nail art and self expression are endless."

Scroll For The Launch Photos

Taking to Instagram at the start of December, the Ohio-born rapper told fans: "My first brand has been incubating for over a year, now it’s ready 😈πŸ”ͺπŸ’…πŸ½ @undn_laqr."

Meanwhile, the launch brought photos of MGK twinning in black and going goth. Kelly wore a metallic and shiny black suit, with mom of three Megan rocking a plunging and shirtless black blazer, one she paired with leggy shorts. The two were chained together via a metallic link - of course, from the nails. Swipe for it below, scroll for more.

'Boredom' Led To Nail Art

MGK has landed himself a sweet Vogue feature on account of the launch, one seeing him admit that being bored was the impetus behind his brand.

"I think boredom with accessories is what led me to nail art,” he told the magazine, adding: β€œWhen bracelets and rings became redundant to me, I was like, what else can I add? First it was tattoos and then once I tattooed my whole body I tattooed over my tattoos, then I dyed my hair a million colors."

"I started doing my nails because it was something I could change out really easily," he concluded.