Miley Cyrus Lifted Her Shirt In Gucci Belt

Miley Cyrus
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Rebecca Cukier

Miley Cyrus can always be relied on for a little naughtiness. The 28-year-old singer made headlines for removing her top entirely in a recent Gucci sneakers promo, although it was a shirt lift back in 2019 as the former Hannah Montana star performed at the UK Glastonbury Festival.

At the time, Miley wasn't yet signed to luxury Italian brand Gucci, but she was already wearing the iconic label - a photo still circulating the digital space shows her in a logo belt.

All Gucci With Shirt Lift

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Scroll for the snap. Miley had gone for a shiny vinyl pants look while performing - the gig came as she made headlines for the release of her Mother's Daughter album. Cyrus, this year in the news for snagging a deal as she fronts Gucci's fragrances, had been photographed in a very skimpy white tank, one she cheekily lifted in front of the crowd.

The blonde also donned a flat cap matching her figure-flaunting pants, plus plenty of gold jewelry to match hardware on her Gucci belt. More after the snap.


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June of this year marked Miley announcing she's the new face of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum. Taking to social media, the "Midnight Sky" singer told fans:

'"It's with happiness and honor I announce I am the face of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum. @Gucci and I have felt like family for a long time in our collaborations which have always revolved around vibrant color, self-expression & unapologetic contradiction." Miley now also fronts wellness brand Hers. More after the jump.

'We All Have Different Notes'

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In her statement, Cyrus continued: "Being tough in a soft environment or still in a chaotic moment. #FloraFantasy is being who you are. None of us are made with one ingredient. We all have different notes, some subtle and some bold. Just like Flora!"

Miley also made headlines this fall for donning sheer Gucci underwear in a shoot for her Interview Mag feature, although she did branch out a little, here, donning French brand Chanel in some images. She's also not the only celebrity fronting a luxury brand.

Designers Snagging All The Celebs

The latest Gucci celeb news brings in pop sensation Billie Eilish, who has partnered up with the brand for a limited-edition vinyl of her latest music. That's just one label, though. Celebrities currently fronting major labels include Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid for Versace, Hailey Bieber for YSL and Jimmy Choo, Zendaya for Italian designer Valentino, plus model Kaia Gerber for French brand Celine.

Also shouting out the high-end are Kendall Jenner for Jacquemus and Justin Bieber for Spanish designer Balenciaga.