Selena Gomez Launches 'Wondermind' Mental Health Platform

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Always forthcoming about her own mental health struggles, Selena Gomez is now looking to help others navigate their problems. The 29-year-old pop star is launching a mental health platform where people can find a "supportive community" and "candid conversations" that will enable them to talk through their issues, CNN is reporting.

Called Wondermind, the new online hub is dedicated to mental fitness and will provide users with tools and exercises to strengthen their mental health, according to the platform's spokesperson, Meredith Sidman.

Selena isn't going into this venture alone and has teamed up with two people very near and dear to her heart: her mom, 49-year-old former stage actress Mandy Teefey, and The Newsette founder and CEO Daniella Pierson.

The Revelación artist has previously opened up about her own mental health journey on numerous occasions, including on Miley Cyrus' Bright Minded talk show on Instagram Live, where she revealed she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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Launching February 2022

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While Wondermind officially launches in February 2022, Gomez was eager to break the news on Instagram a few weeks back. Taking to her page on November 18, the "Ice Cream" singer shared a photo of herself, Teefey, and Pierson, captioned: "Mental health is something that is very close to my heart. It is so important to have places where people can come together and understand that they’re not alone in their mental fitness journey."

Publicly advocating for mental health all throughout the pandemic, Gomez got candid about her bipolar diagnosis during an episode of Cyrus' Bright Minded Instagram show in April 2020.

"I went to one of the best mental hospitals in America, McLean Hospital, and I discussed that, after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar," she said. "And so, when I got to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn't scare me once I know it." Give the episode a watch below.

'Not Alone'

Gomez provided an update on her bipolar disorder in the website's welcome video, which the pop star also posted on Instagram (scroll further below to watch it).

“I understand what it's like to be confused and not really understand what are these feelings and emotions coming from... I live with bipolar — I don't suffer from it anymore. I'm really happy and proud of the progress I have made.”

The singer, actress, and producer, whose Rare Beauty cosmetics company launched the Rare Impact Fund last year with the goal to raise $100 million over 10 years to fund mental health education, also said she was "excited" to contribute and be of service via the new platform, stressing she wants users to understand "they're not alone."

In case you were wondering, Wondermind also has an Instagram page -- check out a few pics in the embed below.

Leading By Example

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It's not surprising to hear Gomez openly discuss her personal struggles, especially since the artist has credited "communicating with women I respect" and "talking through what it is you're feeling" as the main thing keeping her "helpful" during her appearance on Cyrus' talk show.

Leading by example, the star's mother continued the series of confessions in the welcome video by revealing she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder for over 20 years when, in fact, she actually suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with trauma.

Likewise, Pierson, who was on Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2020, opened up about her obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which she's struggled with since childhood.

Watch the trio's candid testimonials below.

Podcast & Physical Products

Delving deeper into how they plan on helping people strengthen their mental health, the trio revealed Wondermind will provide daily content in the form of podcasts, TV, film, and more, as well as physical products, including a journal with creative prompts.

"Your mind is truly like a muscle, and to work on it every single day, it does require content and tools, and we're so happy to deliver that to you all," Pierson said in the video.

According to Sidman, the podcasts will be hosted by Teefey, who will be interviewing notable psychiatrists, athletes, celebrities, and mental health advocates, such as New York City licensed therapist Minaa B. and The Angry Therapist podcast host, John Kim.

Selena's Go-To Strategies For Mental Health

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In the wake of her new venture, Gomez, who first opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression as early as 2018, recently shared her go-to strategies for bad mental health days.

In a video posted to Wondermind's Instagram page last week, the pop star confessed she sometimes still struggles with her emotions and "getting out of bed:" "Sometimes I’m not good at it.”

Speaking honestly about what usually helps her get through those days, the singer -- who last year said she was a "big advocate for social media detoxes" and therapy in an essay for CNN -- had this to say.

“I constantly tried to fill myself with knowledge of what it is that I’m feeling and triggers that happen to me. So I think what really helps me understand myself a bit more is that I can, you know, take a step back and think of all the tools I’ve learned and try to implement them in my everyday life.”

Watch the video below.