Wii U Will Support Smartphone Apps [Rumor]

Wii U may soon support smartphone apps.

A rumor is circulating that Nintendo has been looking into supporting smartphone games on the Wii U. Alongside the possibility of getting a 3D Mario and other first party titles on their newest system, this could help push Nintendo a little further away from the edge of financial ruin. To date, the Wii U is reported to have lost Nintendo $366 million in profits, an extreme drop in their expected sales.

Think about it: If Nintendo is going to allow mobile apps from Android and iPhone developers to be played on Wii U, this could give gamers a new and inexpensive library of titles to choose from. We can only hope that the developers will opt to keep the prices we see for mobile devices available for Nintendo’s console.

If we see prices like Xbox Live Marketplace has for the collection of Angry Birds, it may not do much good. You can buy much bigger used games off Amazon for less than what they’re asking for the ill-tempered avians.

Apparently at this point, it is rumored that Nintendo is giving conversion kits to various developers, allowing smartphone games that already exist to be played on the Wii U. The Wii U’s 6.2 inch touchscreen would be a nice fit for games that you already play on a phone with a comparable size of screen. The controls would be the most obvious adjustment needed if the gamer wants to continue using the buttons like with most console games.

So many changes could be implemented if Wii U’s acquisition of smartphone games is indeed happening, such as the above mentioned controls being adapted to the buttons. Another change might be the possibility of streaming your mobile games to your TV through the console.

Nintendo has always been known as the innovator in console technology, so who knows?

What do you think of the rumor that Wii U may be playing smartphone games in the future?