Dakota Johnson Gave Co-Star Olivia Colman Her First Tattoo

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Alexandra Lozovschi

For Dakota Johnson, the "return to post-vaccine joy" included giving her co-star Olivia Colman her first tattoo after a "raging" bash with The Lost Daughter cast.

The Fifty Shades of Grey star, who's no stranger to getting inked and can now add tattoo artist on her résumé, dished on the whole thing to Town&Country, teaching readers a thing or two about how to party in the magazine's December/January Issue.

Here's what the T&C cover star, 32, had to say and how Colman felt about getting tatted.

No Regrets

If you hear Colman humorously tell the tale, The Crown star, 47, was "seduced" into getting her ink cherry popped by her younger co-star.

"Maybe it was me being completely seduced by this gorgeous person and wanting her to think I was cool. Or maybe it was my midlife crisis," the Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe winner shared.

Meanwhile, Johnson's account is more laid-back, with the Suspiria star and aspiring director telling T&C that the impromptu tattoo session took place back at the hotel after the whole cast partied at Altro Paradiso in Soho following The Lost Daughter New York premiere in October.

Everlasting Memento

Celebrating the New York Film Festival screening en troupe with a banging bash and a rock-inspired playlist -- “It was a lot of Talking Heads, the Cranberries,” Johnson told T&C, revealing that she and co-star Peter Sarsgaard, 50, shared their private playlists with the Altro Paradiso DJ -- the cast relished in post-vaccine life, with Johson and Colman taking the cake.

"The thing is, people are not behaving normally. If you go to a party, you f**king rage," said Johnson.

Surely enough, when they retired back to the hotel, The High Note star kept the party going as she whipped out a stick-and-poke kit and gave Colman an everlasting memento: her very first tattoo. Talk about ending the evening on a high note!

Party Director

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Johnson, who is cooking up her directorial debut next year with a yet-unannounced feature set on "a mythical island," said the dance party was all director Maggie Gyllenhaal's idea. Apparently, it's a cast tradition that started in September at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.

When Netflix, which will be streaming The Lost Daughter starting December 31, offered to pay for a cast dinner party, Gyllenhaal, 44, who wrote and directed the movie, decided to switch things up a bit.

"Maggie was like, 'Instead of having a dinner, let's have a dance party,'" recalled Johnson.

The gang invited cast and crew from other movies playing at the festival, including The Power of the Dog stars Kirsten Dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch, and Johnson's Fifty Shades of Grey co-star Jamie Dornan.

Johnson's 10+ Tattoos

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While the affair ended with a first for Colman, Johnson has practiced stick-and-poke tattooing before, including on herself. The award-winning actress is a “big fan” of tattoos and boasts an impressive ink collection that includes a trio of birds on her back, as seen above.

Johnson talked about her ink on _The Late Late Show with James Corden _ back in January: “I’m not a tattoo fiend. I mean, I have like 11, or 12. I don’t know.”

The star's body art includes a matching infinity tat on her arm with her boyfriend Chris Martin, as well as the words “I love you” dedicated to the Coldplay frontman.

She also has the phrase “lightly, my darling,” from Aldous Huxley's Island tattooed in white ink on her left wrist, with her half-sister Stella Banderas reportedly sporting a matching one.

Interestingly enough, while Johnson typically covers up her tats for movie roles, she has chosen to showcase her ink in The High Note.

Watch her tell the story of her tats to James Corden in the video below.