College Football Playoff Predictor: Alabama Can Create The Ultimate Chaos

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Ernesto Cova

Well, Championship Weekend is finally upon us, which means that Bowl Season is just around the corner.

As per usual, anything can happen and, while some teams have huge shots of making the playoffs, there's nothing set in stone. That's the beautiful chaos that College Football often brings with it.

Needless to say, even though there will be plenty of action all over the nation, all eyes will be set on the biggest game of the slate: The SEC championship game between the no.1 Georgia Bulldogs and the ever-dominant Alabama Crimson Tide.

What If Alabama Beats Georgia?

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The Alabama Crimson Tide haven't been as dominant as in the past.

Their defense continues to be solid and they can pound most teams with the rushing attack but they've been fairly worst than what you'd say by their 11-1 record.

Then again, it's Nick Saban we're talking about.

So, if one of the greatest coaches in CFB history pulls off the upset, the Crimson Tide's chances of making the playoffs would go from 40 to 98%, per ESPN.

That way, the SEC will have two teams on the bracket, with runner-up Georgia making the playoffs with a 12-1 record.

This scenario could benefit Notre Dame as long as Oklahoma State loses to Baylor and Houston beats Cincinnati.

But if both the Bearcats and Cowboys win their matchups, the Fighting Irish would be pretty much out of contention. Also, the committee will eventually determine whether Cincinnati or OSU make the bracket.


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What If Georgia Beats Alabama?

The Georgia Bulldogs have been the best team in all of College Football this season and it's not even close.

Their defense gives up just 6.9 points per game, the best mark in the nation per They also boast the sixth-highest scoring offense at a whopping 40.7 points per game.

The Bulldogs should beat Alabama and are the clear-cut favorites to win the title this season, so a win on Saturday wouldn't shake up the bracket at all.

Alabama could still make the playoffs as they'd be in the same situation as Notre Dame. But if the Bulldogs thrash Nick Saban's team, then the Fighting Irish would have a chance.

Don't Sleep On The Fighting Irish

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As an independent team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish won't take the gridiron on Championship Weekend.

That means that they need some favorable results to get playoff consideration, even though they're riding a seven-game winning streak and finished the season with an 11-1 record. While unlikely, it's not impossible that they clinch a berth.

If Georgia destroys Alabama they could make it. They could also have a chance if Baylor beats Oklahoma State or Houston pulls off the upset against Cincinnati, or even if Michigan drops the ball against Iowa.

Will Harbaugh Choke Under Pressure?

And last but not least, we need to talk about the Michigan Wolverines, who control the fate of the Big 10.

The Wolverines have a 90% chance to make the playoffs and a 77% chance of beating Iowa. Nonetheless, should they choke, those chances would sink to 13%.

An upset on this game would most likely leave the Big 10 out of the playoff bracket and would force the committee's hand to give Notre Dame another shot.

Jim Harbaugh silenced his doubters by finally beating Ohio State. But will he be able to keep his feet on the gas? Just for the sake of chaos, we kind of hope he doesn't.