Rebel Wilson Finally Reveals Top Secret Project

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Rebel Wilson hasn't left the headlines since she shared her inspiring weight loss journey with us. In an interview, the Australian actress mentioned that her new look turns more than heads – it's opening more career doors! While this is a bit unsettling to Wilson because she says all body shapes are beautiful, she welcomes the opportunities.

Early in November, she teased her 20 million-plus Instagram followers, with a Top-Secret project coming soon. In the video, she's lying pretty in a neon orange bodysuit, as her co-star fans her. Wilson captures the post "Sammy and I working on our Top Secret shoot," but leaves a tiny Fiji flag at the end.

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She Works Hard For Her Money

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We couldn't help but notice the Pitch Perfect sensation wearing the same neon orange bodysuit in a previous video. Unlike the recent picture, however, she's walking in slow motion to Donna Summers' She Works Hard For Her Money. A great music selection because Wilson is on a roll in the entertainment industry.

The Isn't It Romantic star builds up to the big reveal with another beach-inspired post. Rebel switches it up with a ship-wrecked inspired look, wearing a gold dress. Via her Instagram post, she says, "We're all Cali Dreamers," while telling fans she's arriving soon.

That explains the inspiration behind the boat's name.

A Cali Dreamer

Wilson notably poses beside an off-white boat with the inscription Cali Dreamer. This boat is relevant because it appears in a series of other teasers. The Hustle actress shared the caption, "All I need is a Volleyball (Fiji happiness coming soon)."

This time, she's wearing a magenta bathing suit with a pink sarong. Rebel's perfecting her tease as she hikes up the cover-up and gives us a sneak peek of her creamy legs.

Discovering Happiness And More

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Wilson is undoubtedly having fun with this campaign as she hints with a boomerang reel. The Australian actress enjoyed a moment on the beach in a red mini dress on Nov. 9. She tells her fans she'd soon let the cat out of the bag. True to her words, on Nov. 29, Rebel Wilson revealed the Top-Secret mission in a campaign video. She says, "A few weeks ago, I went on an epic journey to discover happiness. What can I say – I found it! Well, more like, it found me!"

Fiji Campaign

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We're indeed all Cali Dreamers because we enjoyed the ride with Wilson. From the first teaser on Nov. 9 to the big reveal twenty days later. The 41-year-old actress sure knows how to get our attention.

We’re keeping our eyes glued to her Insta for more information. Visit her Instagram page for more amazing pictures. You can read more about Rebel's exciting life here.