3 Reasons Why The Packers Will Beat The Bears In Week 14

Ernesto Cova

The Green Bay Packers entered the NFL season in the spotlight.

Aaron Rodgers' future was a big question mark, Davante Adams didn't sign a contract extension, and all signs pointed towards an implosion at Lambeau Field.

Fast-forward to Week 13 and not only do they have the best record in the league but they're also in a prime position to put an end to their Super Bowl drought once and for all.

But first, they'll need to get past the Chicago Bears again. That's why today, we're going to let you know 3 reasons why they'll easily beat them.

3. Packers Will Be Healthy And Rested

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The Packers will be coming off a much-needed BYE Week.

Aaron Rodgers will likely undergo surgery on his broken toe and if not, he'll have two full weeks to rest and go closer to 100%. The toe has been a big issue for him since coming back from the COVID-19 list and he's still managed to put up big numbers.

Aaron Jones is also expected to be back to his usual role in Week 14 after barely seeing touches against the Los Angeles Rams, and his presence will bring back the balance for Matt LaFleur's offense.

2. They're Better Coached

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It's not a secret that Bears' HC Matt Nagy is on the hot seat right now, and a blowout to a divisional rival could put an end to his tenure at the Windy City. His overly cautious playcalling and terrible offensive display are among the league's worst.

Matt LaFleur, on the other side, just broke the record for most wins over his first 40 games as a head coach (33-7) and, albeit he's made some questionable decisions over this past couple of years, the Packers still have a huge edge when it comes to their coaching staff. Also, LaFleur is 5-0 against Nagy all-time, per Packers.com.

1. Aaron Rodgers Owns Them

And last but not least, let's not forget about one major thing: Aaron Rodgers own the Bears. He knows it, and he let them know at their most recent meeting.

Per ESPN, Rodgers' 22-5 record against the Bears gives him the third-best winning percentage by a QB against a single opponent (.815) in the league since 1950.

He's owned them since he took over the starting job and he's made it clear to fans that he just doesn't like them at all.

The Packers Are The Team To Beat

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The Packers will have to battle with the Arizona Cardinals for the top spot in the NFC until the end of the season.

They've beat every contender they've faced thus far except for the Kansas City Chiefs. However, Rodgers was out for that game due to his positive COVID-19 test.

In a year where it seems like anything can happen and that we have at least 5 legit Super Bowl contenders, the Packers are still a step ahead of the rest of the pack.