Lisa Rinna's Daughter Delilah Worries In Sunkissed Car Snap

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Rebecca Cukier

Lisa Rinna's model daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin has raised an alarm in a recent Instagram photo. The daughter to 58-year-old Bravo star Lisa got a massive shout-out from her mother ahead of the weekend, with a sunkissed and bronzed-up photo showing her all made up and very much glowing while inside her car.

Fans, who never fail to rip Lisa (or her daughters) apart, were quick to find issue with the photo, although plenty of likes - including a celebrity one - came in.

All Bronzed In Her Car

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Scroll for the photo. It comes as Lisa makes headlines for spending her first Thanksgiving without mom Doris - the former Melrose Place actress' mother passed aged 93 earlier this month.

Delilah had been photographed close up and rocking a light brown sweater worn off the shoulder for a sexy finish, but the focus was definitely the model's ultra-bronzed makeup, with the profile shot showing her rocking heavy bronzer and highlight, golden eyeshadow, plus a frosted pink lip. "@delilahbelle shining bright in the LA glow," Lisa wrote.

See The Photo Below

Over 29,000 likes have been left, including one from Lisa's close friend, 51-year-old talk show queen Kelly Ripa. Fans weren't so sure, though. "Wayyyyy too much makeup," a popular comment read, although others seemed more concerned.

"What has she done to her face," one user replied. Another said that Delilah looked "very different," also asking if she'd had surgery. "She's orange!!!" a third exclaimed. "Too much plastic surgery for a young girl," a fourth chimed in. Scroll for more photos after the snap.

Fans Say Play Nice

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The response wasn't all one way, though. Users were quick to jump in to defend Delilah - one fan wrote: "Beautiful light on Delilah! Of COURSE it will show her make up more dramatically. It takes the same amount of energy to leave a nice comment, especially now. ☮." Another follower, meanwhile, acknowledged the in-your-face finish, but without harsh words, writing:

"Absolutely gorgeous..🔥🔥. I believe that’s a shadow from the sun in her cheek." Delilah is, of course, fresh from her accidental drug overdose.

Accidental Overdose

Delilah has been candid about her recent and unintentional overdose, one seeing her wind up in the hospital.

“He overprescribed me with one medication that one of my friends takes like 10 milligrams, and he gave me like 20 milligrams three times a day and then he gave me 3 milligrams of Xanax a day,” she told followers recently, also adding: “So my body got dependent on Xanax number one, and number two, I overdosed. I didn’t mean to at all."