NBA Rumors: This Is What The Ejected Pacers Fans Told Lakers' Star LeBron James

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Ernesto Cova

It's not a secret that LeBron James has always been one of the most polarizing figures in the NBA.

He had a target on his back since day one for all the comparisons to Michael Jordan, and some fans will never seem to respect him regardless of what he accomplishes.

That was in a full display last night when the Los Angeles Lakers visited the Indiana Pacers and a couple of fans sitting courtside crossed the line with The King, leading to their ejection.

LeBron Says Pacers Fans Crossed The Line

LeBron had enough of the fans' heckling and reached out to the referees to get them out of the premises.

When asked about it, he didn't want to get into specifics but said that some of the things they told him couldn't be tolerated:

“There’s a difference between cheering on your home faithful… and then there’s moments where it goes outside the lines,” LeBron James said after the game, per ClutchPoints. “When obscene gestures and language come into it — can’t be tolerated.”


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The Fans Allegedly Said Some Things About Bronny James

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Apparently, the hecklers made it quite personal by wishing LeBron's elder son Bronny's death, according to some fans that allegedly were there:

"I was there... it was more than those two but they were the loudest. The girl said "I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck," the guy kept chirping like a chicken sound "Bronny's a bih bih bih." It was very weird and they were asked by staff to cool it once or twice," a fan commented on a YouTube video.

LeBron Silenced The Crowd

James was clearly trying to send a message after his one-game suspension and you better believe he delivered.

He put the Lakers on his shoulders when the game was on the line, hitting a couple of huge clutch shots to take the game to overtime and then to seal a much-needed win for the purple and gold.

Notably, he did that while also bringing back two of the most famous celebrations in NBA history: Sam Cassell's 'Big Balls' and his very own 'The Silencer'.

The Lakers Need The King

With that big win, the Lakers are now 6-3 when LeBron plays and 4-7 when he sits this season.

The fact that a soon-to-be 37-year-old has to carry the load for the team is quite worrisome but it also speaks volumes of James' impact on the game.

Thus far, he's averaging 24.6 points, 5.0 rebounds, 6.1 assists, and 1.9 steals per game on 48% from the floor and 36% from beyond the arc, and the Lakers will need to find the way to keep him fresh and healthy if they want to stand a chance in the West.