Anna Kendrick Stunned Sitting On Desert Road In Sheer Dress

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Rebecca Cukier

Anna Kendrick didn't just knock the camera dead while sitting cross-legged from a desert dirt road for Shape, she threw in some humor, too. The Love Life actress might be making headlines this year as her Darcy character takes a step back on the popular show's second season, but last year's photo hasn't been forgotten.

Posting to Instagram to mark her magazine feature, the 36-year-old shared the photo accompanying a profile talking health and fitness, with the fairytale dress delighting fans.

In Demand

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Scroll for the snap. Anna, who boasts 19 million followers, joked that she's an "indoor kid" as a very outdoor photo showed her sitting in the middle of an abandoned and sunny dirt road. The actress was sandwiched by dried-out greenery on either side of the road, also looking right at the camera and rocking a periwinkle and sleeveless dress.

All bows up top, the dress went sheer down below for a leggy finish, with the stunning shot also peeping a pair of red boots Anna was wearing. More photos after the snap.

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Anna, who has gained over 700,000 likes for the upload, appeared in a more extensive shoot over on the Shape feature - one shot showed the brunette stretching out her arms from a similar setting while in a totally sheer cream dress as she flashed some undies. Meanwhile, the cover showed the beauty lying down outdoors and rocking a green frock.

The feature also offered an insight into Anna's mac and cheese love, fitness routines, and not taking herself too seriously.

Feed Her Mac And Cheese

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Opening up, the former Broadway star revealed being in a "hiking phase" - one following her barre and Pilates ones - and she likewise spoke out on her favorite foods.

"My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Carbs and dairy—that's the kind of life I'm all about. And I definitely do like sweets. There was a period when I baked a lot," she stated, adding: "Ironically, the only time I was put off by sweets was during the phase when I was baking, because I always felt like I'd eaten three pounds of brownies by the time I was done. So then I'd give the rest away."

Powered By Ginger

While the Kardashians sip activated charcoal and Dakota Johnson shops for $30 water, Anna is into another trend - ginger. The Pitch Perfect star told the magazine:

"I am powered by ginger. I keep wellness shots of ginger, lemon, and cayenne from Pressed Juicery in my fridge. If I'm traveling and I can't have ginger, I'll feel sick."

More recently, Anna has been in the news for reuniting with 41-year-old Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson during a tropical vacation.