WWE Rumors: Inside The Becky Lynch And Charlotte Flair Drama

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Tony Battalio

Both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have had very similar paths up to this point. They both seemed to rise through the ranks at the same time as part of the “four horsewomen” of NXT and WWE. Alongside Sasha Banks and Bayley they would all become the face of the WWE women's division for many years to come. Tasked with leading the so-called “Woman’s Revolution” they have certainly delivered as they became cornerstones of the best women's division in all of professional wrestling. No matter what one does, the other is not far behind as they will always be intertwined and compared to each other throughout their respective careers.

Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch has carved out a pretty great career for herself over the last couple of decades in the wrestling business, having just recently celebrated the 19th anniversary of her debut match which came back in 2002. None more important than her accomplishments over the last eight years under the World Wrestling Entertainment banner. It may be fair to say she was the first WWE female talent to have somewhat made a name for herself on the independent scene before bursting onto the scene in the WWE. With the promotion, she has become a six-time world champion. At one point she even held both main roster women's titles at the same time.

Charlotte Flair

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As for Charlotte Flair she has indeed lived up to her last name, as she is by far the most decorated women’s wrestler to ever compete in the WWE. Given the legacy that her father left on the business, it was certainly not going to be easy, and out of her dad's three children, she is by far the most talented and most successful of the bunch. During her time with the WWE she has racked up several titles and accolades and as of right now is a record-setting 13-time world champion and will one day almost certainly break her dad's record of 16.

Current Directions

Despite both competitors' long lists of championships and accomplishments within the company, they both seem to be heading in opposite directions. Becky has flourished in her return from maternity leave as “Big Time” Becky Lynch, and still going by “The Man” moniker that has ignited this latest rise up the card for her. On the other hand Charlotte Flair has seemingly fallen out of favor with the WWE, things having started to sour around Wrestlemania earlier this year. Rumors have been buzzing that her time in the company may soon be coming to an end as she will look to join Fiancé Andrade El Idolo in AEW.

Real Life Heat

This current feud is not the first time these two have locked up in a WWE ring, however, it is the first time it may have gotten a little too real for the company’s liking. Following the WWE Draft, they have a heated belt exchange on TV that is said to have gone off-script. Now Becky Lynch has come out on record to say she no longer trusts Charlotte Flair, and when these two lock up at Survivor Series there is always potential that one of them could go off the script and turn this potential 5-star classic match into a backyard brawl on global Pay Per View.