NFL Rumors: Cowboys' Dak Prescott Taking A Different Approach After Worst Game Of The Season

Ernesto Cova

Following a tough, disappointing year, the Dallas Cowboys got off to an incredible start of the season.

They were a missed call away from knocking down the Super Bowl champions in Week 1 and then won six straight games before suffering a major setback.

Mike McCarthy's team never had an answer for the Denver Broncos and lost 30-16 at home in a game in which they trailed by 30 points entering the fourth quarter.

Now, some people are worried that could be a bit of a reality check for America's Team.

Injury Not a Factor

Quarterback Dak Prescott had his worst game of the season, throwing for 232 yards with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception on 19 completions.

Prescott missed the prior game with a calf injury and was far from efficient against the Broncos. However, he doesn't think the injury was a factor for his bad performance:

"I mean obviously I wasn't as clean as I normally am or as I have been. It's tough to say and blame that," Prescott said, per ESPN. "I just missed some throws and we weren't our normal selves in the passing game when we needed to be. We didn't execute."


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'Back To Basics'

Instead, Prescott thinks like going back to basics is the key to bounce back from that shaky performance, especially after missing a couple of weeks of normal practice:

"I think my footwork was poor in that game, and I think it may have come from the lack of it over the past few weeks," Prescott told the Cowboys website. "This week it was important to get back to doing all my basic drills, pushing it, being smart about it, obviously, not putting too much on myself, but making sure that I've got the reps and I get every rep in the game plan, whether it's moving off the spot and just making sure I get back to the basics of what I believe in with my footwork."

Cowboys Aren't Worried

Prescott doesn't think that last week's loss will give their rivals a blueprint as to how to stop them. He took the blame for the loss and is now looking forward to getting the ship back on track:

"I don't think it was a blueprint. I just don't think we played a great game, starting with myself," the QB said. "It was my worst game of the season. I think we can look around at all different phases and I'm sure some of the other guys have said the same. This week it was about taking accountability, about finding ways to get better individually, making this unit better and just being better for our team to make sure that we don't have a performance like that again."

The NFC East Is Theirs To Lose

While the loss to the Broncos could be a bit of a wake-up call for the Cowboys, there's still no reason to sound off the alarms just yet.

They currently rank 3rd in points per game at 30.1 and lead the league in total yards per game at 446.1. Also, their defense has vastly improved, ranking 3rd in interceptions with 11.

Dallas sits at a 6-2 record and they have a 3-game edge over the Eagles so, barring a disaster, they're a lock to end on top of the NFC East this season.