Nurses Week 2013: Celebrating Those Who Care

Nurses Week 2013 begins today, celebrating those who care. National Nurses Week will be observed through May 12, honoring those in the nursing profession for all that they do. The week-long celebration was created by the American Nurses Association.

Included in National Nurses Week, National School Nurse Day and National Student Nurses Day will be celebrated on Wednesday May 8. The week between May 6 and May 12 was designated National Nurses Week beginning in 1994.

The celebration ends on May 12, as it is the birthday of Florence Nightengale. Historically, Nightengale has been honored as the founder of the modern nursing profession.

In honor of the special week, has released a new free e-book titled End of Shift: A Treasury of Real Stories by Real Nurses. The electronic book is available in PDF and e-reader formats this week.

As reported by, the book contains a collection of 30 stories, written by nurses. The stories offer an inspiring and realistic look into the world of nursing. The purpose of the book is not only to inspire, it is hoped that it will lead to a better understanding of nursing professionals.

Nurses Week 2013 reminds us all to appreciate nursing professionals, which are one of the largest groups of professional workers nationwide.

Unfortunately, reports of nurse shortages have been reported nationwide. The problem is due to several factors, including long waiting lists for nursing schools, hiring freezes, economic hardship, and a growing population of those needing extended care.

As reported by MLive, Michigan is one of the states facing an ongoing shortage of nurses. A survey, conducted in 2010. revealed that up to one third of Michigan’s nurses are nearing retirement age. This has caused fears that the shortage will only increase in the coming years.

Nationwide, the center for Nursing reports that educational facilities that train nurses are also experiencing a shortage. In an 2011 survey, it was revealed that over 40 percent of nursing instructors were nearing retirement age.

By 2020, the number of US residents over the age of 65 is expected to grow by 15 million. The demand for nurses is expected to steadily increase over the next three decades.

Nurses work in schools, nursing home, hospitals, and in numerous other industries and institutions. As we celebrate Nurses Week 2013, we honor those who work hard, often with few resources and little rest, to help us maintain out health.