'Squid Game' Star HoYeon Jung All Legs For Louis Vuitton Debut


Rebecca Cukier

Netflix star HoYeon Jung doesn't just have 100 million+ viewers glued to her on-screen activities on Squid Game. The South Korean model and actress, seeing her Instagram following jump up 15 million in just three weeks, is now the center of a massive bidding storm between brands, and it looks like the big names are winning.

Jung, who now fronts American fashion giant Calvin Klein, was this fall snapped up by luxury giant Louis Vuitton, and it was a leggy affair as she announced the new gig.

Stuns In Just A Coat For Louis Vuitton

Scroll for the photo, one shared with the 27-year-old's 23.4 million followers. It came as a classy affair, with former catwalk queen HoYeon seen posing seated on a chair and shot against a pale pink backdrop.

Looking beyond chic in a double-breasted and buttoned white coat grazing her thighs, Jung sported the gold-accent outerwear with nothing underneath, flashing her long legs and wearing cute black-and-white kitten heels. A black Louis Vuitton bag bearing the brand's LV logo was also featured as Jung stayed poker-faced.

See The Photo Below

The shot, which now sits at over 7 million likes, came with a simple caption and a #ad. Seoul-born HoYeon told fans it was a "New start with @louisvuitton." A like quickly came in from singer Bebe Rexha, with designer lover Farrah Abraham sending wave emoji.

“I’m honored to kickstart my acting career with Louis Vuitton, which I’ve worked with throughout my modeling career. I’m looking forward to the partnership as a global ambassador for the brand,” the actress said in statement. More after the photo.

Scroll For Her Unbuttoned Calvin Klein Ad

Meanwhile, LV's creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, stated:

“I immediately fell in love with Hoyeon’s great talent and fantastic personality, and I am looking forward to starting this new chapter of the journey we started at Louis Vuitton a few years ago.” The debut was also marked on Kardashian-adored brand LV's Instagram, with the same photo shared and the label writing: "Ho Yeon Jung joins as new Global House Ambassador for Fashion, Watches and Jewelry."

Vuitton has, in the past, been fronted by stars including Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

Questioning Being Human

While Squid Game portrays a dystopian setting in which citizens play twisted childhood games for money, Jung has been reflecting on life overall.

"When I’d travel by myself on airplanes and stay at hotels, I spent most of my days just watching movies," she told Vogue, adding:

“[Afterward] I thought more and more about myself and my position in humanity at large. Who was I? What does it mean to be human? The need to answer those questions was what brought me to acting.”