Eagles' DeVonta Smith 'Heartbroken' Over Henry Ruggs' DUI Charges

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Ernesto Cova

Even though everybody seemed to move on and we just had a regular NFL slate, no one around the league was able to ignore the elephant in the room.

Henry Ruggs' involvement in a fatal car accident was the story of the week and it won't go away any time soon, as the media look to dig deeper into his character by talking to his former teammates.

Needless to say, Philadelphia Eagles rookie DeVonta Smith was going to be the exception to that rule, especially given how close he is to the former Raiders wideout.

Smith Opens Up On Ruggs' Situation

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Smith and Ruggs became pretty close since their days at Alabama, a friendship that only grew stronger as both walked their first steps in the Association. Naturally, it was tough for Smith to focus on playing amid this scandal:

“First off, my heart breaks for everybody that was involved and the family of the young lady that lost her life,” Smith said, as per NBC Sports.

“I mean, it was rough at the beginning (of the week),” Smith added. “Just coming in every day, being with the guys, they kind of gathered with me and helped me out a lot. At the beginning of the week, it was tough, but eventually, the guys helped me get through it."


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Jalen Hurts Says Ruggs Is Like His Brother

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurt also shared the locker room with Ruggs during his brief stint with the Crimson Tide.

Following his team's loss, he lauded Smith for being able to play through his pain and make some big plays down the stretch for the team:

“Obviously, I have a lot of love for DeVonta,” Hurts said. “I love him like a brother. I have a lot of love for Henry Ruggs as well. I love him like a brother. My Bama brother. It’s tough for all of us to experience what we experienced this week, how tragic of a situation it was. But we are all warriors and we all see it through. DeVonta made some big-time plays today. He will continue to do that for us.”

Ruggs Was Released On Bail

The wideout originally faced charges of reckless driving and DUI resulting in death. Now, prosecutors added three more charges, including two felonies, according to USA Today.

Unsurprisingly, the Raiders cut ties with him nearly as soon as they found out about the incident. If found guilty, he could face a maximum of 46 years in prison.

Ruggs was treated for minor injuries and released on a $150,000 bail.

“He’s in good spirits,” Smith said. “I’m just glad he’s gotten himself together and he’s not just down on himself.

The Eagles Aren't Good But Smith Is A Legit Talent

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DeVonta Smith didn't allow his emotions to get the best of him during Sunday's clash against the Chargers, logging 116 yards and one touchdown in 5 catches.

“Once I got on the field, it kind of went away,” Smith said. “I know I had a task at hand. I had to focus on football. Once I got on the field, it kind of got away.”

The Eagles are just 3-6 for the season and unlikely to compete any time soon, but Smith has done plenty of merits to silence those who doubted his ability to make an impact in the league because of his size and weight.

He already has two games of 100+ yards and is on pace to break the Eagles' rookie record with over 1,000 receiving yards for the season.