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QAnon Influencer's Record of Child Sex Crimes Surfaces


Oct. 31 2021, Published 4:56 p.m. ET

The criminal record of 70-year-old QAnon influencer David Todeschini has surfaced after he created a video accusing Democratic Party leadership of being pedophiles reports Law & Crime. He’s previously called President Joe Biden, a “Cho-Mo,” which is reportedly jail slang meaning "pedophile," and accused Hillary Clinton of similar acts, reports Vice News.

In a surprising twist, it seems that Todeschini himself has been accused of multiple sex crimes, some involving children, in offenses that go back to 1996.

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David Trent’s Video

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Last month, David Todeschini, who goes by the alias David Trent online, made a video that had the word “Cho-Mo” in the title. In it he railed against President Biden and federal vaccine mandates and suggested nuking Washington D.C. as a remedy for pedophilia.

“Why this country hasn’t risen up and hung these bastards by now is beyond me. These treasonous rat bastards need to be taken out of Washington D.C. I say get all the children out and nuke it.”

He also accused Hillary Clinton of torturing young girls with an aide, after which he says she then used the blood in a ritualistic manner. He alleged to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt on that, using the words, “moral certainty.”

Sexually Violent Offender

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In 1999, David Todeschini was convicted of one count each of first degree sexual abuse and second degree sodomy of an eight-year old boy. The offense is said to have occurred in 1996.

Todeschini was sentenced to 28 months to seven years in a state prison, and served five years. He did not have an existing relationship with the victim.

Law & Crime reports that he was labeled by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services as a Level 3 threat, which means a “high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety.” New York considers him a sexually violent offendor.

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'Deep State' Claims

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The crimes for which he was convicted include first degree sexual abuse and second degree sodomy. The crime occurred on Aug. 10, 1996. He called the conviction a “deep state plot” reports VICE News.

Todeschini was also charged with sexual intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse, sexual contact, and promoting/possessing sexual performance by a child.

Right Wing Watch, during the course of an investigation into QAnon media personality David Trent, uncovered his real name (David Todeschini), which then led to the discovery of Todeschini's criminal history.

In an interview with VICE News on the subject, Todeschini said he was going to sue Right Wing Watch for revealing that information, and publishing an investigation.

VICE News asked him if the information was inaccurate, and reported that Todeschini did not respond.

Todeschini and Inglorious Patriots

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Todeschini’s mugshots include one from 2019 and another David Todeschini arrest record from 2020, that indicates he is on the sex offender registry. His aliases are a point of contention in story after story on his offenses.

He can be identified as Todeschini through the videos he made with “Inglorious Patriots.” Multiple media outlets also connected David Trent with Todeschini on social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

In both of these pages he functions under the alias Trent, but his images are cross-referenced to David Todeschini.

He is not being supervised by the State of New York, but officials do say that those on the sex offender registry are required to register their aliases.

Today, Todeschini lives in North Carolina as a property manager and running a Net4TruthUSA channel on Bitchute that is home to 21,000 followers. He alleges to have proof of his claims against the President of the United States and Hillary Clinton, among others, but that proof remains to be seen and is unlikely to surface.


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