'Barbie' Release Date, Cast, and Plot - Everything We Know

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Warner Bros. is bringing Barbie and Ken to life in their upcoming film, Barbie, and have enlisted actress Margot Robbie and actor Ryan Gosling to portray the iconic characters.

Directed by Greta Gerwig, who will be working on the movie's screenplay with Noah Baumbach, via IMDb, the film will follow Robbie's character as she is expelled from her home in "Barbieland" for failing to be as perfect as the city requires and embarks on a new life in the real world.

When is the Release Date of 'Barbie?'

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Although Warner Bros. actually chose Robbie as their lead actress for Barbie back in January 2019, they haven't yet officially confirmed the news of Ryan Gosling's participation. So, when it comes to the release date for the film, we are likely at least a year away as filming has not yet begun.

That said, a report from Women's Wear Daily earlier this week told readers that the Barbie release date would reportedly be set for sometime in 2023, meaning we are more like two years away.


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Who is in the Cast of 'Barbie?'

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According to IMDb's page for the Barbie film, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are the only actors currently tied to the movie.

“It comes with a lot of baggage,” Robbie told British Vogue of her character, via WWD, in June. “And a lot of nostalgic connections. But with that comes a lot of exciting ways to attack it. People generally hear ‘Barbie’ and think, ‘I know what that movie is going to be,’ and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, maybe I don’t.’”

What is 'Barbie' About?

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In a press release, via Harper's Bazaar, Robbie said that her character in the film, Barbie, is someone who promotes "confidence, curiosity and communication" through childhood, and empowering kids "to imagine themselves in aspirational roles from a princess to president."

Although she couldn't give away plot lines of Barbie, she said she was "so honored" to take on the role and "produce a film that I believe will have a tremendously positive impact on children and audiences worldwide."

Ryan Gosling has not yet commented on the film or his involvement with it.

Margot Robbie Isn't Interested in 'Uninspired Roles'

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In an interview with Harper's Bazaar for their December 2018/January 2019, Robbie spoke of the challenges and stereotypes she faced as an actress when she first stepped foot into the entertainment industry.

"When I was trying to make my name as an actress, creative roles for women were limited," she told the magazine for the cover story. "I didn't want to pick up another script where I was the wife or the girlfriend—just a catalyst for the male story line. It was uninspiring."