Demi Rose Celebrates Spooky Season In Open-Chested Corset


Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose is braving a near-frontless and very revealing corset as she drops another figure-flaunting outfit - this time, with a Halloween twist. The 26-year-old model and Pretty Little Thing ambassador made her weekend update a "spooky season" one, shouting out the upcoming October 31 calendar date and honoring her partnership with the affordable clothing brand.

It was a cute face, slim waist from Demi, plus plenty of cleavage and a retro vibe - in fact, Demi even posed with a radio handbag.

Eyeing Up Spooky Season

Scroll for the snaps, ones coming from swanky Beverly Hills, CA as Rose enjoys a sun-soaked L.A. trip. The British beauty, who has been lounging around pools bikini-clad, ditched her signature swimwear, but she didn't hide her famous figure, seen posing all girly-like on a stone terrace and backed by attractive, white-painted French windows.

Demi stunned in a black, strappy, and criss-cross corset that was all skin down the front, also rocking high-waisted jeans with a cross logo. She held a gold and black, old-fashioned radio-effect bag.


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See The Photos Below

Demi definitely went for an innocent vibe as she glanced upwards while rocking a choppy hairdo, with a swipe to the right showing her photographed closer up, clutching the bag, and with closed eyes. The final snap brought back the loose jeans and eye-popping cleavage, with a caption reading:

"Spooky season. Corset from @prettylittlething."

Over 300,000 likes have been left, with Demi's 18.3 million Instagram followers gushing over her, the outfit, and the enviable location. Swipe below for all three photos, scroll for more.

Never Thought Modeling Would Happen

Demi actually joined MySpace to escape tormenting school bullies, never thinking she'd make it in the modeling world.

"I never believed I could make it as a model and at the time I was training to become a beauty therapist on my third year of college but I just knew inside something more exciting was in store for me," she told Women's Fitness in 2017. "It was all very exciting and happened very fast!" she added. The interview came one year after Demi's high-profile fling with rapper Tyga.

Says Confidence Is 'Key'

Rose, who made 2020 headlines for being body-shamed in lock-down as a troll told her she'd gained "weight," also revealed her secret to making it in a cut-throat industry. The former Fashion Nova partner added:

"I’d say confidence is key, be yourself and be the best version of you that you can be. By working out, having a healthy diet and looking after your skin by cleansing and moisturizing well."

Rose is known for her love of yoga, hand-picked fruit, and self-care, from playing the harp to indulgent bubble baths.