Lala Kent Possibly Looking For Cheaper Apartment After Randall Emmett Breakup

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Lala Kent was recently spotted at an apartment complex in Santa Monica, California, leading some people to believe that the reality star is looking for a new place.

This comes after news broke out that she has called it quits with fiancé Randall Emmett.

The blonde beauty seems to be moving on and is getting ready for a new, more modest lifestyle too.

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Switching To A Simpler Lifestyle?

Lala Kent | Instagram

The Vanderpump Rules star may be switching to a simpler lifestyle.

The apartment complex she was spotted in is listed as a "luxury apartment community" but it is much simpler than the multi-million dollar mansion she once called home with ex-fiance Emmett, who is a movie and TV producer. lists rental studio apartments in the building for as low as $650 a month. Bigger units range from $2,859 to $4,403 a month.


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Apartment Hunting With Mom And Baby

Lala Kent | Instagram

Kent went with her mom Lisa Burningham and her 7-month-old daughter Ocean.

She apparently spent about 15 minutes inside the apartment building and later pulled into a parking garage that had access to the leasing office.

Momma Lisa has been a great support system for Kent during her tough times. She is most likely helping out with Lala's transition to single life again.

"Ain’t a woman alive that can take my mama’s place, " Lala shared an appreciation photo of her mom for Mother's Day back in May.

Randall Emmett Cheating Allegations

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Lala Kent reportedly broke it off with Emmett because he cheated on her during a Nashville trip.

According to reports, videos and pictures of the Hollywood producer with two women in Nashville spread on Twitter and Instagram.

Pretty soon, Kent deleted photos of Emmett on her Instagram page. She also posted a video of her moving in a hotel room, with a background music of Beyonce's song "Sorry".

The lyrics of the song seemed to be a dig at Emmett:

“Now you want to say you’re sorry / Now you want to call me crying / Now you gotta see me wilding / Now I’m the one that’s lying / And I don’t feel bad about it / It’s exactly what you get.”

Randall Is Living A "Double Life"

Randall Emmett | Instagram

A day after the cheating rumors broke, Lala was spotted not wearing her engagement ring anymore.

According to Page Six, a source told them that Emmett has been living a "double life":

“He lives the life of a husband or boyfriend, and then he lives the life of a serial partier and then goes on a bender.”

So far, the two haven't made any official statements about the status of their relationship. Emmett is also keeping mum about his cheating allegations.