Brian Laundrie Was 'Very Upset' Before Leaving Home, Family Lawyer Says

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Brian Laundrie and his girlfriend Gabby Petito went on a cross country trip this summer, but only Laundrie returned home -- in Petito's Ford Transit van.

Laundrie then vanished, but Petito's body was found near Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park in September. She died of strangulation.

The tragic and disturbing case reached its conclusion this week.

On Wednesday, human remains and items belonging to Laundrie were found at the Carlton reserve in Sarasota County, Florida. And on Thursday, it was confirmed that the remains were indeed Laundrie's.

Here's the latest update.

Laundrie Family Lawyer

Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino said in a new interview that Brian's parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, are devastated and regret letting their son leave home, per The New York Post.

"I can tell you Brian was very upset when he left. Chris conveyed to me several times he wished he wouldn’t have let him go, but he couldn’t stop him," Bertolino began

"But Brian is a grown man. He was 22 years old. He wanted to walk out the door, he was entitled to walk out the door," he said, though Brian was actually 23.


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Parents Are 'Suffering'

Bertolino said that both Laundrie and Petitio's parents are "suffering," and described the whole case as tragic.

"There are two young people that have now lost their lives," the lawyer said, asking the public for understanding.

"These are parents that are suffering. Now, I understand that whatever happened or whatever didn’t happen … This is tragic for two families. And anybody with a child, and anybody with a sense of humanity can understand the frustration that both families feel on that point," he added.

Chris And Roberta Laundrie

As law enforcement agencies, body hunters, and volunteers were searching for Laundrie, many urged the authorities to interrogate Chris and Roberta.

Even former United States Marshal Lenny DePaul said earlier this month that Laundrie's parents could be key to solving the mysterious case, and suggested that they knew where Brian was hiding and possibly had something to do with his disappearance.

Ultimately, Chris and Roberta joined the search for their son and ended up finding his possessions and remains at the Carlton reserve.

Gabby Petito's Family

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Members of Gabby Petito's family have refused to comment on Laundrie's remains being found, and are still grieving her tragic death, according to family attorney Rick Stafford.

"Gabby’s family is not doing interviews or making a statement at this time. They are grieving the loss of their beautiful daughter. Gabby’s family will make a statement at the appropriate time and when they are emotionally ready," Stafford said in a statement supplied to WWSB.

Petito was 22 years old when she was strangled to death.