Blake Lively Slams Paparazzi Photo Of Her Children: 'This Is So Disgusting'

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Blake Lively is once again calling out paparazzi after an unauthorized photo of her children was shared online. The 34-year-old Gossip Girl alum, who shares daughters James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, with 44-year-old Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, slammed the Instagram account @hollywoodstarkids on Wednesday, October 20, for posting a picture of the family without her and her husband's consent.

"This is so disturbing," Lively, who is followed by 30.3 million on Instagram, wrote in the comments section of the post, which has since been taken down.

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Protective Mother

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Lively minced no words as she spoke out against paparazzi taking and distributing photos of her underaged children. In a lengthy message expressing her discontent, she blasted the Instagram account for what it seems was a repeated transgression, asking that the photo be removed.

"I've personally shared with you that these men stalk and harass my children. And you are still posting. You said you would stop. You personally promised me," Lively commented on the now-deleted post, per Buzzfeed.

The Shallows actress went on to criticize the page for "exploiting" her daughters.

"This is not casual appreciation. This is YOU also exploiting very young children. Please. Delete. Please," she wrote, adding: "Some parents are ok with this. We. Are. NOT. [sic]"


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Support From Fans

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Lively, who later screenshotted the post and shared it to her Instagram stories, also posted a screenshot from another account, @celebritykind, which was standing up for the actress and for other celebrities whose lives have been plagued by invasive paparazzi culture.

"There is not a single media outlet or fan account out there that doesn't know which celebs do and don't want their kids [sic] faces published," read the message, which called for users to "unfollow" and "report" platforms that publish celebrity kids photos "knowing they're going the against the wishes of the parent."

Lively also included a personal message thanking fans for helping her get the post taken down, Elle magazine is reporting.

"Thank you to everyone UNFOLLOWING accounts who exploit children," she wrote. "YOU make ALL the difference. Thank you for your integrity. Thank you."

Blake Lively's Stand Against Paparazzi

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The mother-of-three has repeatedly condemned the practice of photographing celebrity children, particularly without parental consent. Just three months ago, she denounced Daily Mail Australia for publishing a photo of her walking with her daughters down the street in New York.

Alongside the snap was a shot of Lively smiling and waving at the camera, which the actress clarified she posed for solo just so the paparazzi "would leave my children alone — because it was frightening."

"You edit together these images to look like I'm happily waving, but that is deceitful," Lively commented on the image, per Comments by Celebs.

The Hollywood star continued: "Do you do background checks on the photographers you pay to stalk children? Where is your morality here? I would like to know. Or do you simply not care about the safety of children?"

She First Spoke Out In 2018

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Lively first made her stance clear on the topic as early as 2018 when her daughter James was photographed by paparazzi lurking at Martha Stewart’s Easter bash. Not only did she issue a statement for publications to remove the pic, she also reached out to Instagram fan accounts asking them to delete the photo.

“Thank you for your support but please remove this photo right away. It was taken without my knowledge or consent by a man hiding. Thank you!!!!” Lively wrote in the comments section of one fan page, Page Six reported at the time.

Meanwhile, her official statement to the media read: “The photos were taken by a man hiding outside of a private party, which is disturbing on many levels. We appreciate all magazines, websites and publications who are standing by protecting the privacy of children and vowing to cut off the supply chain to help end the stalking of children.”