Shannon Sharpe Challenges DK Metcalf To Match His 'Resume'

JB Baruelo

Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports 1 recently engaged in a Twitter feud with Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf. After criticizing Metcalf's performance in the Seahawks' 23-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, Metcalf called out Sharpe on Twitter, ordering Sharpe to stop questioning him while calling Sharpe a "lil boy."

Sharpe responded with a tweet reminding him of his poor play against the Steelers and challenging Metcalf to match his resume.

"Nothing to question," Sharpe said. "That was 'DUMB ASS' play and your pride won’t let you admit it. 'You' can’t question anything I’ve done. Pray your resume will be as complete as mine, PRAY. Enjoy the rest of your day."

Metcalf's Fumble

Things got heated between Sharpe and Metcalf after the Fox Sports 1 analyst questioned the Seahawks wide receiver's decision in the crucial part of their game against the Steelers. With 18 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks were in a strong position to go for a game-tying field goal when Metcalf made a catch on the left sideline.

However, instead of doing what most people expected, Metcalf decided to keep running forward and fumbled the ball. The Seahawks managed to recover the ball and go for the game-trying scorer, but they still ended up losing the game against the Steelers.

Metcalf Calls Shannon Sharpe 'Washed Up'

Most people thought that Metcalf would stop after Sharpe started talking about his resume. However, instead of putting an end to his Twitter feud with Sharpe, the Seahawks wide receiver told the Fox Sports 1 analyst that he would use his resume to wipe his "sh*t." He even called Sharpe a "washed up wanna be."

Sharpe didn't bother to waste his time answering Metcalf's insulting tweet, but some NFL fans decided to defend him for the disrespect that he got from the Seahawks wide receiver.

Sharpe Encourages Metcalf to 'Pray'

Metcalf continues to make his own name in the league since being drafted as the No. 64 pick in 2019. In just his first year in the NFL, he was already named Second-team All-Pro and a Pro Bowl. However, Metcalf is still far from reaching the same level as Sharpe.

Before becoming an analyst for Fox Sports 1, Sharpe was a known legendary tight end in the NFL. In the years he spent in the NFL, Sharpe made numerous accomplishments, including winning the Super Bowl thrice, becoming First-time All-Pro four times, Second-team All-Pro once, and Pro Bowl eight times. He's also inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

Metcalf Sees the Light

A few minutes after telling Sharpe that he would wipe his "sh*t" using his resume, Metcalf seemed to calm down and tried to make amends with Sharpe.

"You know what, you right @ShannonSharpe," Metcalf tweeted. "I do pray my resume can matchup with yours Folded hands #WorkInProgressBaby"

Metcalf must have read the comments of people defending Sharpe and realized how good he was when he's still playing in the NFL. Metcalf may have thought that it would be best for him to focus on improving his game than waste his time going after his critics.