Chloë Grace Moretz In New York Islander's Jersey Gets Fans Booing

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She may have been linked to Brazillian soccer icon Neymar at one point but Chloë Grace Moretz's sport of choice is hockey. The 5th Wave star is a huge New York Islanders fan, and last week she got to prove just how much she loves her favorite team.

Present at the Carolina Hurricanes home game on Thursday, October 14, Moretz proudly displayed her Islanders jersey amid a booing audience. However, the Raleigh-based team was impressed, taking to Twitter to dub her a "good sport."

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Chloë Grace Moretz In New York Islander's Jersey Gets Fans Booing

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Spotted glass-side at the PNC Arena, Moretz was put up on the jumbotron, her Islanders jersey in full view for the entire audience to see. While the Hurricanes fans were certainly displeased at the sight of the blue and orange colors, the 24-year-old actress was a sweetheart as she smiled through the booing, taking off her mask and waving at the camera as the announcer said her name.

She also tugged on her jersey to show off the Islanders logo, proudly supporting her team in the Hurricanes' arena.

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Her Sweeet Reaction On Twitter

Moretz stayed true to her team even when Hurricanes mascot Stormy the Ice Hog handed her a white-and-red jersey to put on. The Dark Shadows actress laughed it off, refusing to part with her Islanders shirt despite the crowd's loud booing. She even got up to take a picture with Stormy, showing she had no hard feelings.

"Welp, @ChloeGMoretz is not a Jerk," the Hurricanes tweeted after the game, saying she was a "good sport."

The Hollywood star had a sweet reaction to the comment, responding with a see-no-evil monkey emoji.

Chloë Grace Moretz Supports The Islanders On Social Media

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Moretz is a longtime Islanders fan, often showing love to the team on social media. The Atlanta, Georgia native even got to meet the team back in 2015, posting photos of her and "the guys" on her Instagram page.

The Addams Family 2 actress has also shared videos from their games, including this clip in which she can be seen rooting for the Islanders in the audience. She also famously trolled the Washington Capitals ahead of a 2015 game, writing on Instagram: "#Islanders, let's kill them tonight. #CapsSuck #SorryCaps."

The New York Islanders 'Love' Her Too!

The New York Islanders showed Moretz some love back after the Hurricanes game last week, tweeting a photo of her wearing the team's jersey as she stood with her back to the rink.

"It was so awesome seeing @ChloeGMoretz at the game tonight IN Raleigh rocking her #Isles gear!" the Islanders wrote in the caption.

As for Moretz, nothing can beat the Elmont team in her affections. Originally a Kings fan, the actress revealed it was the Islanders' "spirit" and "rowdy crowds" that won her over.

"It started off with me liking the L.A. Kings and then I went away and I was filming movies, and I watched a lot of NHL hockey in my room," she said, in 2019, adding about the New York Islanders: "They're my favorite team because of their spirit and I really loved the rowdy crowds."