Thylane Blondeau Reveals Emergency Surgery In Brave Photos

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Rebecca Cukier

Thylane Blondeau, "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," has delivered an unusual, moving, and brave social media update. The 20-year-old French model and social media sensation, largely making headlines of late for her runway appearances for both Miu Miu and Etam, is fresh from revealing she underwent emergency surgery, posting to Instagram and even showing the hospital stay and resulting scar.

Thylane's weekend update came a little unsure as she said she wasn't certain about posting, but she's received all the love in the world for doing so.

Sharing Painful Ordeal

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Scroll for the photos, ones shared with the Aix-en-Provence native's 4.6 million followers. They showed Thylane in a black hospital gown and in selfie mode from a bed, with subsequent images showing a fun window-side pose as Thylane wore a face mask and flicked her ponytail - she also showed her hospital wristband, a shot of herself having her gown fitted by a staff member, plus an OBGYN scan and post-surgery scar.

Thylane opened by writing: "Wasn't sure about posting this but here we are."

Surgery After Being Told It's No Big Deal

Continuing, the No Smile founder wrote: "A year ago I had an emergency operation for an ovarian cyst that had exploded in my stomach. 3 months after, my belly started to hurt again and at the beginning everyone ( and I ofc ) thought it was because of the operation."

"This year I saw three different gynecologists, I’ve seen more than 4 radiology centers in Paris and all of them said the same thing, “don’t worry U have nothing it’s all in your head," she added. Swipe for the gallery below, scroll for more.

Rushes To E.R. In Pain

Blondeau then revealed that four days ago, "I went to the emergencies because my belly was hurting so Much I couldn’t handle it anymore and they said that everything was fine and that I had a lil kyste and I will have to do a check up in 2-3 months."

Fortunately, the star found a doctor willing to take her case seriously. She said a cyst of 5.6 cm had been found and that she was contacted to go "straight to the hospital to do an emergency operation."

'Happy' She Never 'Gave Up'

The model, saying she's "finally" feeling herself again, also told fans: "Happy that I’ve never gave up 🙏🏽 From this experience I’ve learned that when you’re body hurts, don’t let it slide and take care of it, you must see different doctors until some of them find the problem and heals it."

Blondeau also thanked her mother and boyfriend, plus her fans for all their sweet messages. "You are so strong Thy," a fan quickly replied.