Bodycam Footage Reveals Mummified ‘Love Has Won’ Leader Amy Carlson

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Christine Beswick

The bodycam footage of an April night when the body of Love Has Won cult leader Amy Carlson was found by Saguache County Sheriff Department in Colorado has been released. The footage reveals deputies entering a Colorado home to execute a warrant, and finding the mummified body of Amy Carlson in a bedroom. During the search, seven people were arrested on charges related to tampering with and abusing a corpse.

Amy Carlson was said to have had cancer, with residents of the home telling the police when they arrived that she was “at rest.”

Inside the Home

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It was just past midnight on April 29 of this year when the home was visited by Saguache County Sheriff Department. Upon arrival, the police announced the execution of a search warrant, and asked one resident to go outside. In doing so the police called him “Jeff” and he corrected them to “Jason.”

When she was found, she was found in the bed of a bedroom that had been decorated with twinkle lights and rainbows. She had been wrapped and her face was covered. When the deputies pulled back the blanket over her face, her skin appeared blue. One report indicates the blue may have been caused by colloidal silver that some say she was taking to treat her cancer.

When the man was asked by police where Amy Carlson was, he referred to her as Mother and said, “Mother is resting. She’s at rest. The child’s sleeping.” The man was then escorted out of the home with police asking if he had anything on him that could harm them.

The Charges

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His name may be Jason Castillo, who is also known as Father God. That night, he and six other members of the Love Has Won group were charged with child abuse, interstate transport, and the abuse of a corpse.

A child was in the home at the time of the search, and was reunited with her father according to The Gazette. A 13-year-old was reportedly in the home as well and placed with a family.

The man and 6 others were arrested that evening, as shown in the bodycam footage.

That Was Unusual

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Police determined at the time that Amy Carlson had been dead for weeks, with decomposition making it difficult to obtain fingerprints. Early reports indicate that the autopsy has not been completed, and is being managed by El Paso County lab. The body had been transported to Colorado from California. Love Has Won members say that she had been placed in the trunk of a vehicle for transport.

Amy Carlson was found wrapped in an REI sleeping bag with glittered eyes. Saguache County Sheriff Ben Warwick told The Gazette that “that was unusual” and he referred to the room as a shrine and called it a “worshipping thing.”

Charges Dropped

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All charges connected to that evening have since been dropped without comment by the Alamosa County District Attorney Alonzo Payne. Sheriff Warwick was not happy with the decision, having spent “hundreds of hours” investigating the group. There were reportedly multiple warrants executed on the home.

The sheriff believes the group has left the county, as the home has remained empty. It is believed some members are still in Colorado.

The true crime documentary program Dateline aired a special on the Love Has Won cult on October 14, 2021.