Kaley Cuoco Shares BTS Pics Of 'The Flight Attendant' Season 2

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Kaley Cuoco is currently busy filming The Flight Attendant season 2 in California.

The actress, who plays troubled flight attendant Cassie Bowden, made sure the fans of the show had a sneak peek of what was happening behind the scenes.

Cuoco took to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes pics of both the cast and crew, who all seemed to be balancing work and fun pretty well.

Scroll down to see the pics.

First Look Of Mae Martin On Set

Kaley Cuoco | Instagram

"LA week 1 photo dump ☑️ @flightattendantonmax ✈️ what a cast, what a crew ! 🎥 season 2!" Kaley wrote alongside the photos.

The photo series featured Kaley posing with some of the cast members, crew and make-up artists on the set.

She also included a photo of herself back in her blue uniform and posing with new co-star Mae Martin, who will be playing a flight attendant as well.

Martin is best known for her breakout role in Netflix's Feel Good series.


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Fun With The Old Crew

Kaley Cuoco | Instagram

A couple of days ago, Cuoco once again posted a series of photos, featuring another week of BTS fun with some of the familiar faces from last season.

Despite the busy filming schedule, the cast still finds time to wine and dine together. Kaley shared a snap of her with castmates drinking wine at a restaurant.

Some fans were a little concerned that Cassie was around wine, given her history.

"Please don't drunk again, Cass! 😁," one fan joked in the comments.

Cassie Bowden's Sobriety On Season 2

Kaley Cuoco | Instagram

The plot of The Flight Attendant season 2 has already been revealed and Cassie's struggle with sobriety will be put on the spotlight in the upcoming episodes.

“{Cassie] moves to L.A., first year sober, and she makes all the wrong decisions on what you’re not supposed to do when you become sober and she’s going to learn very quickly that it’s not as easy as she thought.” Cuoco said in an interview.

From Flight Attendant To CIA Agent

The Flight Attendant | Instagram

It was also revealed that Cassie will be moonlighting as a CIA agent in the next season.

“I was very clear when we decided we wanted to do a second season, that I didn’t want Cassie to all of a sudden be like an amazing FBI agent,” Cuoco explained. “We are going to be adding in that slight CIA asset on the side."

While her spy job is going to be just a side gig, it will certainly be fun to see Cassie run around and solving crime.

The second season of The Flight Attendant is set to premiere on HBO Max in the spring of 2022.