Chanel West Coast Champions 'Versace Barbie' In Braless Minidress


Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast just knocked the ball out the park, going full "Versace Barbie" in a killer minidress and platform heels while rocking pigtails. The 32-year-old MTV star and rapper, known for her love of luxury brands, shouted out one of Italy's most famous ones on Instagram this week, posting for her 3.5 million followers in a wowing, braless, and leggy look.

Chanel, whose middle name is a luxury label, showed off a head-to-toe ensemble with tons of pink. See why the post is getting likes below.

Full Barbie In Versace

Scroll for the snaps. Chanel was looking like a total doll as she posed by a dark wall and popped against it while flaunting her recent pandemic weight loss.

The "No Plans" rapper, folding a leg as she wore a silky, printed, and slip minidress with spaghetti straps, stunned fans as her hair cascaded down her shoulders, also seen holding a cute pink bag with a heavy chain - the footwear matched as West Coast sported bejeweled pink platform heels.

"Versace Barbie," the caption read. More after the snaps.

Not Just Versace


Chanel's Instagram is now a veritable carousel of high-end brands. In 2020, she made headlines for her "Louis V in the sea" snaps as she showed off a monogrammed Louis Vuitton bathing suit and bucket hat. She's also sported the Fendi monogram and plenty of Burberry, going "Beverly Hills booty" on boulevards as she highlighted her love of the British designer.

"My day-to-day style is a little bit more casual, but whenever I’m on the red carpet or doing photo shoots, or music videos, I like to be a lot more glamorous," she told Fashionista.

Less ABout Forever 21

Chanel, who has her "Karl" track named after deceased Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld had, at the time, name-dropped more affordable brands.

"I like to mix up cheap and vintage stuff with high-end stuff, like today I’m wearing a Forever 21 shirt with Giuseppe sneakers," she said, adding: "Some days I’ll feel like dressing like a skater girl; some days I’ll be more chic and dolled up and girly girl, so it’s really how I’m feeling when I wake up that day."

Got Her Own Brand

The Fashion Nova partner has also been busy retailing her LOL Cartel merch brand, a range that's more sweats than minidresses and channels the star's street style edge. West Coast, who raps about luxury brand Balenciaga on 2020-released album America's Sweetheart, did, however, mention Chanel to Fashionista, saying:

"I love Giuseppe, Jimmy Choo; I love Chanel obviously; I love Balmain, Givenchy, all of the dope brands." Chanel's Versace post sits at over 40,000 likes. For more from her, give her Instagram a follow.