'Basketball Wives' Star Brittish Williams Arrested For Fraud Charges

Brittish Williams | Instagram

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Brittish Williams is in deep legal trouble. The former Basketball Wives LA star has been indicted on identity theft and several fraud charges.

According to court records, Williams was arrested in St. Louis on Thursday and pleaded not guilty of her charges. She is facing multiple fraud charges -- five felony charges of misuse of a Social Security number, four charges of bank fraud, three charges of false statements to the IRS, three charges of wire fraud, and three charges of aggravated identity theft.

Bitter Break-Up With Lorenzo Gordon

Brittish Williams | Instagram

Williams got her claim to fame from appearing in the 4th season of reality show Basketball Wives LA.

She was engaged to NBA player Lorenzo Gordon, who she shares a daughter with. The two had quite a tumultuous relationship and eventually split a year after their engagement amidst cheating rumors.

The break-up was not amicable and even resulted in some bitter social media fights. Last year, Williams called out Gordon for allegedly not paying child support.


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Brittish Accused Lorenzo Of Not Paying Child Support

Lorenzo Gordon | Instagram

Brittish made sure to publicly call out her ex in a video rant for all her followers to see.

“Public service announcement, my baby daddy is a sucker, let’s make that very clear.” she blasted on Instagram.

"You’re not having your damn child, you don’t care about her, you don’t send money, you don’t,” she said. “Nobody owes you anything, I don’t owe you money for something you bought me. Are you stupid? Whoever asks for some f--kin s--t in return?”

Dealing With Legal Troubles

Brittish Williams | Instagram

Now, the tables seemed to have turned and Williams is the one dealing with legal and financial troubles.

According to reports, Williams used false Social Security numbers back in 2017 so she could get loans and lines of credit from several financial institutions.

In 2018 - 2019, she also deposited four checks with values ranging from $4,500 to $5,800 into accounts she controlled and made sure to withdraw the money before banks realized the checks were fraudulent.

In addition to that, Williams also reportedly used false names and false Social Security numbers to claim dependents on her tax returns from 2017 -2019.

Pleading Not Guilty

Brittish Williams | Instagram

Brittish has not yet made any official statements regarding the case. She has also been quiet on her Instagram, except for some inspirational quotes posted on her Stories.

However, her lawyer Jason Korner has spoken up to give the public a little insight on what's happening.

According to Korner, his client “has been targeted because of her celebrity, and I expect that to be clear once the evidence is produced.”