Sommer Ray Expands Her Empire In String Bikini


Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray is proving just why she was dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018. The 24-year-old fitness sensation just found the most unusual way to wear a t-shirt while in a tiny bikini, and it all came to promote the latest addition to her Sommer Ray's Shop brand.

Sommer initially posted via TikTok, then re-posting to her Instagram, with the scantily-clad video showing off her insanely-fit body and doubling up as great promo for what's just launched.

Showing Off Tee In Bikini


Scroll for the video. Sommer Ray's Shop, which retails swimwear, gym apparel, and casual clothing, plus hats, is now offering graphic tees. The unisex-friendly brand, which regularly features its famous CEO in promos, was tagged as Sommer was filmed dancing around a wood-floored bedroom while in one of her tiniest bikinis.

Going aqua in a mint-green, string two-piece, the ex to Machine Gun Kelly flaunted her super-built thighs and rear, also showing off a flat stomach and golden tan - the headwear was unusual, though.

See The Video Below

Parading around in her thong swimwear, Sommer also showed off a pink graphic tee wrapped around her head and fashioned into a hat-come-scarf. Ray offered fans a full 360 while tugging at her bikini bottoms, writing:

"One of the ways to wear your new @shopsommerray graphic t 🤪 lol just launched some teeeees for da boyz (& girlies) l!nk in b!ooooo to check em out 💛." The video has clocked over 600,000 likes, with fans calling Sommer "stunning." More after the video.

Launches Beauty Brand In 2021


Sommer Ray's Shop isn't Sommer's only gig. The Colorado native is fresh from the launch of her edible IAMRAIS gummies, which takes an edible approach to beauty because she feels what you put in matters more than what you put on.

"Hiiii my babies! so everyday i feel motivated to be my most authentic self & express positivity & only bring you guys things i’m passionate about & believe in. often i’m asked for my skincare routine, but i’m reluctant to answer because traditional skin care hasn’t really worked for me," she began while announcing the brand.

What You 'Put In' Matters

The super-healthy star, who keeps it balanced with her KFC buckets and In-N-Out fries, added that IAMRAIS is for "people who want to reclaim their skin care routine. it's time for science-backed skin care that’s smart, simple and sustainable."

The philosophy is straight-forward: "Because what you put on your body is a topical solution, but what you put in your body, that is the true solution."

Sommer has 26.7 million Instagram followers. Her beauty brand, despite only being a few months old, is approaching a 20k following on the platform.