NYPD Union President Resigns After FBI Raids His Home

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Damir Mujezinovic

Ed Mullins, the leader of the the New York Police Department’s Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), resigned Tuesday after Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents raided his home, and his office.

Mullins was elected president of the SBA nearly two decades ago, back in 2002, and has allegedly long been "a thorn in the side of four commissioners," per New York Magazine.

The SBA is the second-largest police union in New York City. It is famously resistant to any type of reform and represents roughly 35,000 officers.

Theft Of Union Funds

According to The New York Post, the FBI raid is part of an investigation into suspected theft of union funds.

Photographers captured boxes of documents being carried out of SBA headquarters on Worth Street in Lower Manhattan. In addition, federal agents were seen seizing computers from Mullins' home in Port Washington, Long Island.

"We are carrying out a law enforcement action in connection with an ongoing investigation," FBI spokesman Martin Feely said.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that Mullins and his collaborators are also being accused of mail and wire fraud.

Mayor Welcomes Raid

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has frequently sparred with Mullins and his union, appeared to welcome the raid.

"I think a lot of what he has done has been really, really destructive, especially in the middle of a crisis where we’re trying to unify and we’re trying to get people through together," de Blasio said of Mullins.

"I think he’s been a divisive voice, but that doesn’t cause me to feel anything in this situation, because I don’t know what’s happening. All I hear is an FBI raid … I want to really hear the details before I comment further."

Ed Mullins

Mullins has always been a controversial figure.

Per New York Magazine, he has been accused of making highly inappropriate comments, some of which have been described as racist and misogynistic.

Mullins once compared an arrested NFL player to a "wild animal." The official SBA Twitter account, meanwhile, called Rep. Richie Torres a "first class wh**re," while slamming New York's former health commissioner Oxiris Barbot as a "b*tch."

The SBA has also expressed opposition to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects Americans from unlawful search and seizure.


Manhattan Republican Party Chair Andrea Catsimatidis made waves claiming that the FBI carried out the raid due to political pressure -- because the SBA endorsed former President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Bizarrely, Catsimatidis suggested that the FBI is targeting Mullins on behalf of "the left," per The Daily Beast.

"The FBI raided the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association’s office this morning. SBA President Ed Mullins stood up for former President Trump and now they are coming for him. The left is sending a message to silence and squash all political opposition -- fall in line or suffer," she said.