Demi Rose Proves 'Mermaids Exist' With Fishtail Flash


Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose is flashing fans as her jaw-dropping fishtail skirt slips right down - and she's proving "mermaids exist." The 26-year-old model and social media sensation today delivered a particularly sensual Instagram update, one shared as she continues to make headlines for seeing her career sky-rocket as a Pretty Little Thing ambassador (and designer).

Posting on Monday with an ethereal and sexy shoot, the British beauty stunned her 17.8 million followers, sharing two rear-flaunting shots and 100% showing off the hourglass silhouette.

'Mermaids Exist'


Scroll for the photos. Demi, who didn't show her face in either of her two photos, posed amid a giant and cream-and-blue canopy encircling an outdoor bed. The whole setup, under palm awnings, dwarfed the curvy star as she posed back to the camera, with fans seeing a bare booty flashed via a white and blue flared fishtail skirt that had very much been lowered.

With her long hair cascading down her back, Demi stunned, then sharing a second shot as she leaned forward on the bed.


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The ex to rapper Tyga, who shot to fame after a brief 2016 fling with the former boyfriend to Kylie Jenner, kept her caption short, writing: "Mermaids exist" and even throwing in a little mermaid emoji. The post now sits at over 600,000 likes.

Demi quickly followed her post with a promo one earning her a little cash - she was back to promoting affordable clothing label PLT in the next shot, this time going skimpy in white undies. Swipe below for the photos, scroll for more.

Mermaid In A Past Life


Demi, hugely into spiritual healing and alternative therapies, has opened up on what she believes she was in past lives, this not limited to a Tibetan monk and a mermaid.

"I’d never had Reiki before, I didn’t even really know what it involved," she said last year after a session. Rose added:

"I went to see a lady and she only works one week a month, she flies here to Ibiza and, honestly, my session was amazing." The practitioner told her she'd been a "mermaid in the Pacific Ocean" in a past life.

'People Will Stare'

Earlier this year, Demi debuted her second PLT collection while posing in a stunning and cut-out burnt orange dress. Addressing fans, she wrote:

"Everyone deserves to feel empowered and this collection gives everyone a chance to express that through vibrant elegant pieces so we can all present ourself to the world as our highest selves. This collection is a form of self expression, it’s full of sexy bold pieces to wear with confidence."

Demi added that people "will stare" as she said: "Make it worth their while."