Patriots Would Be Undefeated With Cam Newton As Starting QB Instead Of Mac Jones, Shannon Sharpe Says

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Many were surprised by the New England Patriots' decision to release veteran quarterback Cam Newton before the start of the 2021 NFL season. The arrival of rookie quarterback Mac Jones, who was selected as the No. 15 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, has indeed made Newton expendable in New England. However, most people didn't expect the Patriots to get rid of Newton before they see Jones play his first official game in the NFL.

One of the prominent sports personalities who weren't fond of the Patriots' decision to replace Newton with Jones as their starting QB is Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports 1.

Shannon Sharpe Thinks Patriots Are Better Off With Cam Newton

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In a recent appearance on The Greg Hill Show, Sharpe once again criticized the Patriots' decision to choose Jones over Newton. Had the Patriots, who are currently 1-2, decided to keep Newton and let him continue being their starting quarterback, Sharpe believes that New England would still be undefeated in the 2021 NFL season.

"I feel very comfortable in saying if Cam Newton had been their starting quarterback, they would be 3-0,” Sharpe said, as quoted by Fansided's Musket Fire. “They for sure would’ve beaten the Dolphins. And they won their last game, they beat the Jets, but everybody can beat the Jets — that’s not saying anything. But how about this: there are no worse than 2-1.”

Shannon Sharpe Criticized For Cam Newton-Mac Jones Comment

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Other sports analysts don't seem to agree with Sharpe's comment that the Patriots would have played better if Newton is their starting quarterback. After hearing his comment, Gerry Callahan of WEEI-FM said that Sharpe must not have watched a single Patriots game in the 2021 NFL season.

Meanwhile, former NFL tight end Christian Fauria said on Twitter that if Newton was the Patriots' starter instead of Jones, they would have been 0-3 by now.

"Cam Has been a free agent for 4 weeks now and not a single team has picked him," Fauria said. "If Cam was the QB they would be 0-3."

Is Cam Newton Better Than Mac Jones?

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It's hard to blame Callahan, Fauria, and other sports analysts for criticizing Sharpe for his comments about Newton and Jones. The Patriots' rookie quarterback may have gone through plenty of ups and downs in his first three games in the NFL, but he has somehow proven that he deserves to be the team's starter and not Newton.

While he still has some gas left in his tank, the fact that he remains an unrestricted free agent is a proof that most NFL teams no longer view Newton as a starting-caliber quarterback in the league.

Possibility Of Cam Newton-Patriots Reunion


Despite Jones' early struggle and their inability to consistently win games, the Patriots are highly unlikely to consider bringing Newton back to New England. However, according to Chris Mason of MassLive, the Patriots may explore the possibility of reuniting with the veteran quarterback if Jones suffers a serious injury this season.

"I think it depends on the severity of the injury," Mason said, as quoted by "If jones pulled a hammy and was out for a week or two, Bill Belichick would probably just roll with Brian Hoyer Band-Aid. But if it was longer term injury, I think Newton might get a call – especially if Jarrett Stidham is still sidelined."