Demi Rose Snacks On An Apple In Sheer Underwear


Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose is hanging around in see-through underwear while getting in one of her five a day. The 26-year-old model and social media sensation is fresh from another sizzling Instagram update, one showing off her famous figure and seeing her match her juicy red apple via some red-hot lingerie.

Posting for her 17.8 million followers and from her current Positano, Italy location, the Pretty Little Thing ambassador stunned in the jaw-dropping photos, ones earning her over 590,000 likes. See why below.

All Crunch In Her Undies


Scroll for the photos. It's never dull on Demi's Instagram, a feed that has seen her cause a "situation" in a frontless swimsuit while at a hotel pool and go "shaken not stirred" in a sheer dress.

Delighting her fans while showing off high-waisted and very skimpy red underwear briefs, plus a plunging balconette and paneled matching bra, the British beauty wowed while posing with a crunchy apple to her mouth - she posed by a green-painted and shuttered door and amid red outdoor walls and climbing greenery.


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Dakota Johnson Impresses Fans In Plunging Suspender Underwear

See The Photos Below

All bombshell curls and showcasing her slightly blonder locks, Rose delivered a naughty sideways gaze, with a swipe right better showing off her hourglass curves and tiny, 24-inch waist as she posed holding the apple.

"Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" the caption read. Likes came in fast, with one fan replying: "Look at you!" Rose even seemed to have much of her fanbase having missed the caption - likely, something else was distracting them. Swipe for both snaps below - scroll for more.

Eating Disorder Survivor


Demi is an eating disorder survivor, having weighed just 80 pounds at her sickest. Now fully recovered, the star stays fit and healthy via a balanced diet, but she has admitted she feels her figure can pack on the pounds easily.

“My figure just gains weight so fast. Any bad thing I eat my body isn’t used to it and just puts on the weight. That means no birthday cake,” she told Daily Mail in 2018. Scroll for more photos below.

Her Absolute Favorite Food

The sushi and fruit lover, who picks her own lemons in her Ibiza, Spain home, added: "Everyone says I'm the healthiest person they know. The fattiest thing I will ever eat is nuts and peanut butter." Rose then revealed:

"All I've eaten today is nuts. I've managed to eat a whole pot. I feel guilty as there's a lot of fat in the nuts. That's my treat. So I'm happy."

Demi shot to fame for a brief 2016 fling with rapper and ex to Kylie Jenner, Tyga.