Sarah Palin Chewing Tobacco Fake-Out

So Sarah Palin’s chewing tobacco fake-out publicity stunt grabbed a few headlines. In a speech to the National Rifle Association in Houston on Friday, the former wannabe Vice President appeared in a sloppy “Women Hunt” T-shirt with a tin of chewing tobacco.

Her folksy new look is a bit of a fashion comedown from the six figure wardrobe that Palin famously donned for the 2008 presidential campaign with Republican candidate John McCain.

You have to give Palin points for being forthright and honest about what how she uses props to play to the crowd. She told the Houston crowd that she previously enjoyed some success “using a visual image to make a point about the Big Gulp ban…”

That referred back to a famous speech where she protested New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large soft drink sizes. Palin appeared onstage in March with the oversized Big Gulp drink and even took a sip.

That image went viral.

On Friday, she openly aimed and fired again at Bloomberg in an attempt to duplicate that exposure. “Now I see that the mayor of New York now wants to ban public displays of legal tobacco products,” she said.

Pulling out the chewing tobacco tin, Sarah Palin then tapped the stage and said, “Don’t make me do it.”

The Inquisitr is hosting the speech right here, and you can fast-forward to about the six second mark if you just want to see the Sarah Palin chewing tobacco scene for yourself.

The only trouble is, why wouldn’t we want to make her do it? I can believe that Palin drinks soda. Who doesn’t except for Michael Bloomberg, three people in California, and some monks in a Tibetan monastery somewhere?

But who believes that Palin would actually be willing to put chewing tobacco in her mouth and chew? Even once?


Even in a black T-shirt?

I for one would like to see her try to chew tobacco in front of a crowd in a foo-foo red skirt suit, with her make-up done by a pro and her hair styled all fancy.

Who’s with me? I can’t be the only sick mind out there.

Love her or hate her, I think we’d all get a twisted fascination out of seeing Sarah Palin chew tobacco for real.

[Sarah Palin photo by Christopher Halloran /]