NBA Rumors: Seth Curry & Ben Simmons Could Be Traded To Warriors In Proposed Three-Team Blockbuster

JB Baruelo

Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard Seth Curry and Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry are among the most popular siblings that are currently playing in the NBA. Since both of them entered the league, most NBA fans are hoping to see the Curry brothers play together on one team.

Seth may have said on numerous occasions that he would rather compete against Stephen than join him in the Golden State, but he continues to be mentioned in various trade speculations that would make him a Warrior next season.

Proposed Three-Team Trade Sends Seth Curry To Bay Area

In a recent article, Brett Siegel of NBA Analysis Network came up with a hypothetical blockbuster trade idea that would allow the Curry brothers to reunite in the Golden State in the 2021-22 NBA season. The suggested deal wouldn't only involve the Warriors and the Sixers, but also the Orlando Magic.

In the proposed trade scenario, the Warriors would get Curry, Ben Simmons, and a 2024 second-round pick, the Sixers would receive Andrew Wiggins, Terrence Ross, Michael Carter-Williams, a 2022 first-round pick, a 2023 first-round pick, and the rights to swap first-round selections in 2023, and the Magic would land James Wiseman, Moses Moody, and Paul Reed.


NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons & Seth Curry To Trail Blazers For Package Centered On CJ McCollum In Proposed Deal

According to Fansided, the Trail Blazers could acquire Ben Simmons and Seth Curry from the Sixers for a trade package centered on CJ McCollum.

Seth Curry Forms 'Splash Trio' With Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson

Curry would be an intriguing addition to the Warriors. He may not be as good as his brother Steph, but he's also a legitimate threat from beyond the arc. Last season, the 31-year-old shooting guard averaged 12.5 points while shooting 46.7 percent from the field and 45.0 percent from the three-point range per ESPN.

His potential arrival in Golden State would enable the Warriors to upgrade their "Splash Brothers" into "Splash Trio." While Thompson is recovering from an injury, Seth could serve as Stephen's temporary starting backcourt partner next season.

Warriors Finally Land Ben Simmons

The Warriors wouldn't give up Wiggins, Wiseman, Moody, and future draft assets just to make the Curry brothers reunion happen in the Golden State. In the hypothetical deal, they would also be acquiring Simmons. Simmons may still have plenty of flaws in his game, but he's already considered an All-Star in the league.

The successful acquisition of Simmons would fulfill the Warriors' dream of adding a fourth superstar and significantly improve their performance on both ends of the floor in the 2021-22 NBA season.

Does The Trade Make Sense For The Sixers & The Magic?

The Sixers are only expected to consider such a trade scenario if they are unable to get an offer that includes another All-Star caliber talent for Simmons. By sending Simmons to the Golden State, the Sixers would be getting another former No. 1 pick in Wiggins, two veteran point guards in Ross and MCW, and future draft picks that they could use as trade chips to further solidify their core.

Meanwhile, the potential deal would be a no-brainer for the Magic. By helping the Warriors and the Sixers facilitate the blockbuster trade, the Magic would be obtaining three young and promising talents in Wiseman, Moody, and Reed who could be part of their long-term plans and help them speed up the rebuilding process.