What Happened To Christine And Jeremy Moody From ‘Snapped: Killer Couples’?

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Lindsay Cronin

Christine and Jeremy Moody are one of the many couples who have been featured on Snapped: Killer Couples, a true crime series that has been airing since March 2013 and has recently become available for streaming on Peacock.

As the title describes, Snapped: Killer Couples follows the lives of spouses who have committed crimes together. And, when it comes to Christine and Jeremy Moody, they are no different. Christine and Jeremy were featured in Season 8, Episode 1 of the series.

As their Season 8 episode showcased, the couple, who were described as white supremacists, killed not one, but two people in an alleged act of vigilantism.

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When Was 'Snapped: Killer Couples' Season 8, Episode 1?

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The story of Christine and Jeremy Moody was featured on the very first episode of Season 8 on August 6, 2016. And while you may have missed the airing, you can watch it anytime on Peacock and tune into a brief recap of the episode on YouTube.

As seen in the clip, the couple appeared to be a God-fearing pair who were totally in love with one another from outside. However, inside their relationship, they appeared to be holding a deep, dark secret.

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Who are Christine and Jeremy Moody?

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As one clip from YouTube explained, Christine was a 32-year-old looking for a fresh start when she met Jeremy, a 27-year-old preacher's son, who was described as a good Southern boy who was highly involved in the church.

Quickly, the couple developed strong feelings for one another, and ultimately, they were accused of killing another couple, Charles Parker and his wife, Gretchen, in what was quite the grisly crime. Not only did they allegedly stab each victim multiple times, they reportedly sprayed some bullets, as well. Jeremy later told police that he had no remorse for the killings.

Christine And Jeremy Moody Were Sentenced To Life In Prison

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While the episode of Snapped: Killer Couples featuring Christine and Jeremy Moody didn't air until 2016, the incident in question took place in 2013. And, in 2014, just one year later, the couple was sentenced to life in prison for killing a sex offender and his wife.

According to a report shared by CNN at the time, the Moodys not only seemed to have no remorse about their crimes during their sentencing, but actually expressed pride in the murders they acted out.

Christine Moody Says Killing The Pedophile Was The Best Day Of Her Life

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Jeremy told the court, “Child molesters do not deserve to live... Had to do it over again, I’d kill more.”

Meanwhile, wife Christine added, “I have no regrets. Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life.”

The series' most recent installment, season 15, premiered in May and concluded in July. And, as of yet, there has been no confirmation regarding a potential 16th season.

While another season is not yet promised, Snapped: Killer Couples can be streamed now on Peacock.