Brian Laundrie Possibly Spotted Walking Near Home


Damir Mujezinovic

In July, 22-year-old Long Island native Gabby Petito went on a cross-country road trip but never came back home.

Petito was traveling together with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, who returned alone to his North Port, Florida home in Petito's 2012 Ford Transit van.

On Sunday, investigators discovered human remains "consistent with the description" of Petito, but Laundrie is still nowhere to be found -- he has apparently been missing since Tuesday.

Where is Laundrie? A new photo suggests he was in the vicinity of his home on Friday. Read more below.

Watch The Video Below

Just before 5 a.m. on Friday, passerby Zachary Randazzo snapped a photo of a man that looks just like Laundrie.

The photo was taken about two blocks from Laundrie's parents' home, according to The New York Post, which reviewed the metadata from the photo.

The photo shows a bald, clean-shaven man of similar build to Laundrie casually walking down Targee Ave in North Port, wearing a tracksuit and flip-flops.

Randazzo took the image about an hour and a half before officers with the North Port Police Department showed up at Laundrie's parents' home.

Police Are Investigating Photo

North Port Police Department spokesman Josh Taylor told The New York Post that investigators are looking into the image but noted that the man in the photo appears to have a tattoo on his left arm, unlike Laundrie.

"Other than that, sure as heck looks like him," Taylor said.

Randazzo, meanwhile, said he did a double-take when he spotted the man who "looks just like [Laundrie’s] clone."

"We’re not 100 percent sure, but it looks so close I don’t know how it couldn’t be him," Randazzo added.

Woman Says She Gave Laundrie A Ride

[YouTube][FOX 13 News Utah]

TikTok user Miranda Baker claims she gave Laundrie a ride on August 29.

Baker claims she and her boyfriend picked up Laundrie while he was hiking alone in Grand Teton National Park in western Wyoming.

"He approached us asking for a ride because he needed to go to Jackson and we were going to Jackson that night. So I said, ya know, 'hop in' and he hopped in the back of my Jeep. He offered to pay us like, $200 to give him a ride like 10 miles. So, that was kind of weird," Baker said in a video.

Search Continues


Law enforcement spent the weekend searching the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County but found no traces of Laundrie, so the search will move elsewhere.

"At this time, we currently believe we have exhausted all avenues in searching of the grounds there. Law enforcement agencies continue to search for Brian Laundrie," Taylor said in a statement, per FOX 13 News.

FBI agents paid a visit to the Laundrie home Monday morning. They told the press that they were executing a search warrant "relevant to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito investigation."