Packers WR Davante Adams In Position To Make History In 2021 NFL Season

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Since being selected as the No. 54 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams continues to make his own name in the league. As of now, he has been named 1st team All-Pro once, Pro Bowl four times, and the NFL's receiving touchdowns leader last season.

With his impressive performance on the field, Adams is no doubt taking the right path to becoming a future NFL Hall of Famer. So far, Adams is in a position to join the list of NFL legends.

What Does Leading The NFL In TD Reception This Season Mean For Packers WR Davante Adams?

Adams, who led the NFL with 18 touchdown receptions in the 2020 NFL season, made history by tying for the third-most touchdowns by a wide receiver in a single season in NFL history. If he could post the most touchdown receptions once again this season, he could join Jerry Rice (1986-87; 1989-91), Terrell Owens (2001-02), and Larry Fitzgerald (2008-09) by becoming the fourth player since 1970 to lead the league or tie for the lead in touchdown receptions in consecutive seasons.

Other Historical Record Packers WR Davante Adams Could Share With Jerry Rice & Terrell Owens

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That isn't the only historical record that Adams could share with Rice and Owens if he establishes another remarkable performance in the 2021 NFL season. If he will record at least 12 touchdown receptions this season, Adams could become the fifth player in NFL history with at least 12 touchdown receptions in four of his first eight seasons.

Owens had posted 12 touchdown receptions in four of his first eight seasons, while Rice did it five times in his first eight years in the league. Other NFL players who had a similar achievement include Calvin Johnson (four) and Randy Moss (four).

Aaron Rodgers Could Help Davante Adams Make History

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One of the Packers' players who could help Adams make history in the 2021 NFL season is veteran quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Despite his age, Rodgers hasn't shown any major sign of slowing down and remains one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Last season, he led all qualified NFL passers with a 121.5 passer rating; the second-highest single-season mark by a quarterback in NFL history.

It would be a great farewell gift Rodgers could give to Adams before he leaves Green Bay in the summer of 2022 - putting him in the same conversation as Rice, Owens, Fitzgerald, Johnson, and Moss.

Can Davante Adams & Packers Bounce Back After A Slow Start?

Adams and the Packers weren't off to a good start in the 2021 NFL season after suffering a 35-point loss against the New Orleans Saints. Adams called their season-opener against the Saints a "weird game," but he believes that it would be a great "wake-up call" for the Packers.

"It just got weird, man. It was a weird game," Adams said, via "We had like 12 plays in the first half. Our defense wasn't getting off the field and that just wasn't our best display. We came out really flat and I think that it'll be a really good wake-up call for us."