Will Melissa Roxburgh Return To 'Manifest' For Season 4?

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Lindsay Cronin

Melissa Roxburgh has been acting in the role of NYPD detective Michaela Stone on Manifest, which follows passengers of Flight 828 flight, who suddenly reappear five years after being presumed dead, since the Jeff Rake-directed supernatural drama began airing in September 2018. But will she return to the show for Season 4 as it moves to Netflix following a cancellation from NBC?

Earlier this month, much to the surprise of many fans, Deadline revealed that two of the series' cast members would not be included in the new episodes.

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Roxburgh In, But Jack Messina And Athena Karkanis Are Out

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According to the report, Ty Doran will be taking over the role of Cal Stone, which was previously played by Jack Messina. Meanwhile, in addition to Messina leaving the show as it heads to Netflix, fans will no longer be seeing Athena Karkanis, whose character, Grace Stone, was killed off during season three.

As for who will be returning to Manifest, Deadline confirmed Roxburgh, who prior to Manifest starred in Star Trek Beyond, will reprise her role as Michaela Stone for the upcoming season, as will Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, Holly Taylor, Josh Dallas, and J.R. Ramirez.

A #SaveManifest Campaign Was Launched After 'Manifest' Was Canceled

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When news that Manifest would not be renewed for a fourth season by NBC was first announced, fans of the series were absolutely devastated and began begging for the network to change their mind.

“A small group of super fans formed a Twitter group and said, ‘We got you Jeff. #SaveManifest. The campaign is beginning.’ So before we even had a chance to lift a finger to figure out if we need a PR campaign to help save us, the fans rose up and created this campaign and spread the word — which was incredibly rewarding and heartening,” Rake told The Hollywood Reporter.

Jeff Rake Won't Be Making Many Changes To His Original Plan For 'Manifest'

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Speaking of the upcoming season of Manifest, Rake said fans will find the platform to be true to its roots.

“Netflix said they want us to continue making the show we’ve been making and if they can help with some extra bells and whistles to make it more compelling and spectacular, they want to be able to support that. But I think that it will still feel like the show people have fallen in love with," he explained. "It’s going to be an incredibly visual 20 episodes and there’s some important [location filming] that’s always been built into the roadmap.”

Melissa Roxburgh Loved Her Experience Working On 'Manifest'

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Back in June, after Manifest was canceled by NBC and before it was picked up by Netflix, Roxburgh, who has over 352,000 followers on Instagram, took to her Twitter page, where she spoke of her experience working on the show.

"My word what a ride. You guys made the last three years the best years of my life. Truly Manifest," she wrote. "#manifesters #manifest forever will miss this experience."

No word yet on when the fourth season of Manifest will begin streaming on Netflix.