'Call Her Daddy's' Alexandra Cooper Flaunts Massive Fries Appetite


Rebecca Cukier

Call Her Daddy podcast host Alexandra Cooper is showing off a super-healthy appetite for a load of French fries and chicken fingers, and it was more than just one photo as the popular blonde updated her Instagram this week.

Cooper, who shot to fame after starting her sex-centric podcast in 2018, is fresh from signing a Spotify-exclusive deal reportedly worth $60 million. It looks like she's been enjoying the perks of her increased income by eating out and the 'Gram is loving it.

All Smiles With Fries


Scroll for the photos. Cooper, followed by 2.3 million, shared glam outdoor eatery shots from a crowded and decked terrace. The hard-hitting star, seated at block tables, was seen enjoying multiple platefuls of French fries with tiny pots of ketchup, with the catered spread also including the chicken fingers mentioned in her caption.

Cooper had used her post to shout out artist Nico Tortotella's new beats, but not without a massive show-off of her cheat foods feast - a swipe right showed her posing mouth open and with a chicken finger.

See The Snaps Below

Also including a snap of herself chowing down on the finger as she wore a chic tan blazer and showed off a baby pink bag and matching hair tie on her wrist, Cooper told fans: "Fries, chicken fingers and LARGE SIDE OF CALL HER DADDY 💦 new EP go listen dads @nicotortorella IS HERE."

Comments are disabled, but a celebrity like was quickly left - YouTuber and recent Met Gala face Emma Chamberlain sent Cooper the thumbs-up. Swipe below for the gallery - scroll for more photos.

Talking Numbers (And Millions)


Earlier this summer, Alexandra was profiled by Refinery29, with the feature seeing her probed over the rumored $60 million Spotify figure. Cooper, who has Barstool Sports behind her and now hosts the podcast solo after former co-host Sofia Franklyn's departure, said:

“I still haven't fully registered it to be honest. I remember one of the first offers was $30 million or something. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is amazing.’ My agent was like, ‘Alex, that's the first offer." More below.

Knows What She Wants

Cooper, whose Call Her Daddy audience sky-rocketed from 12,000 to 2 million downloads in its first two months, continued: "I am crazy and I love a good time, but I have a brain and I know what I want."

"I'm paid to talk like I'm with my girlfriends, [but] that doesn't mean that when I was sitting down with Spotify to sign one of the biggest deals in podcasting history, that I'm like, ‘What's up guys? Let's suck d-ck!’” she joked.