Zlatan Ibrahimovic Says LeBron James Should Know Difference Between Sports & Politics 'If You Are Intelligent'

Los Angeles Lakers small forward LeBron James is one of the prominent personalities in the world of sports. Despite his age, James is still capable of establishing an impressive performance on both ends of the floor and carrying his team to the championship. However, James isn't the type of superstar who only cares about sports.

Though he's giving most of his time to basketball, James, who has been a force for social change and political action, sees to it that he's well aware of what is happening in the real world.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reignites Feud With LeBron James

Zlatan Ibrahimovic looking at the referee
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However, not everyone is a fan of James' off-court actions. In a recent interview Get French Football News, AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic took a shot at James, saying that he should know the difference between sports and politics "if you are intelligent."

"I said that we are not politicians. Politics divides people," Ibrahimovic said. "Football, in my world, unites people. Big difference. Because I have had the chance to meet and get to know people that I would never have known if I did not play football. I have met people from all four corners of the world. We unite people. Politicians divide."

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Doesn't Want To Send 'Bad Message' To People

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Ibrahimovic made it clear that he has no personal hatred towards James and doesn't want to send a "bad message" to people regarding his stance. He actually acknowledged James' greatness in basketball and called him "phenomenal." Like other athletes, his goal is to unite and spread love and joy.

However, Ibrahimovic strongly believes that they are better off sticking with what they are best at instead of making themselves involved in politics. He said that James and other athletes should let the politicians handle politics and just focus on their owns sports.

LeBron James' Previous Response To Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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As of now, James is yet to respond to Ibrahimovic's recent statement against him. However, when the 39-year-old football superstar first called him out for his social activism in February, James told him that he would never shut up and dribble, especially if he sees something wrong is happening with his surrounding.

James may not be an expert in politics, but he's aware of how powerful his voice is.

"I preach about my people, and I preach about equality," James said, via ESPN. "Social injustice. Racism. Systematic voter suppression. Things that go on in our community."

LeBron James Says Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Comments Were 'Hypocritical'

Lebron James speaking into a microphone.

Aside from giving an explanation regarding why he's making himself involved in politics and social activism, James also called Ibrahimovic's comments against him "hypocritical." James recalled the time when Ibrahimovic was still playing in Sweden and he said that he's experiencing racial discrimination because of his last name.

Ibrahimovic accused media of treating him differently because his last name doesn't sound Swedish. He said that if his surname was "Andersson or Svensson" people would trust him even if he robs a bank.